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5 Ways to Make a Better Radio Blog

Earlier this week I argued that DJ blogs often are a waste of time and effort.Today I'm going to share a few thoughts on how to make them better.1. You don't need a DJ blogThere is no requirement that your digital platform include a DJ blog. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.And just because many of the stations around you are producing a waste of bits and bytes doesn't mean you should follow suit. So first of all, ease up.2. You do need a digital strategyDo you need a digital platform for your brand? Yes. Do you need a blog for every DJ on your staff (or any … [Read more...]


7 Reasons Why Your DJ Blog is a Waste of Time

Does your radio station have a batch of DJ blogs?Here are 7 reasons why they may be a waste of time, effort, energy, and resources - especially on music-oriented stations:1. A blog requires a strong point of view, and many DJ's don't have oneIn fact, in many cases a strong point of view may be exactly not what management wants on display on the station site - or on the air, for that matter.The simple fact that you anchor a radio daypart doesn't necessarily mean you have an audience that wants to follow your thoughts online.2. Many DJ blogs have almost no likes or … [Read more...]


Celebrating Radio’s first “Artificial Intelligence DJ”

She's causing a ton of consternation in radio circles and she's either unreal or all too real, depending on your point of view.I'm talking about "Denise," radio's first "Artificial Intelligence DJ," appearing soon on one HD station with more to follow, no doubt.Let's begin by leaving aside the easy jokes about "intelligence," artificial or otherwise, as it relates to the average DJ in the ears of many listeners.Let's also acknowledge that this is, first and foremost, a publicity play which has already proved worth its weight in gold.Finally, let's note the difference between a … [Read more...]

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