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And Radio’s Best Chance for the Future is…

If there's one book this year that best sums up what the radio industry has to do to compete in a world of infinite choice, it's this one: Blockbusters: Hit-making, Risk-taking, and the Big Business of Entertainment. It's a heavily researched and highly readable book by Harvard professor Anita Elberse.I talked with Anita to test some of my own theories about radio's future in the presence of her research. The result is a clear strategy and plan of action. Now the rest is up to you.Click here to listen to my interview:[jwplayer mediaid="10455"] Download AudioOr here for the … [Read more...]


Radio’s Short-Term Emphasis May Be Fatal

I've been writing a lot lately about the tie-breaking value of doing the "unnecessary" - The idea that doing what's not necessarily "important" (at least not yet) can eventually become the decisive difference making your brand more desirable than all the others.Doing what's "unnecessary" means doing what you don't have to do.Or do you?Witness the astounding number of "unnecessaries" in Jeff Bezos' most recent letter to shareholders, including this: When we’re at our best, we don’t wait for external pressures. We are internally driven to improve our services, adding benefits and … [Read more...]


The Rise of “Radio as a Feature”

We are witnessing the dawn of a new age:  The rise of radio as a feature. That means "radio" isn't simply a media category run by media institutions.  It is now a feature of other categories - a feature of brands themselves - brands which are capable of monetizing that feature in the same way traditional broadcasters do - with ads.This is another manifestation of one of my regular themes:  Brands are now media.  Brands are becoming "mediacized."In the wake of unconfirmed gossip that Apple is soon to release an Internet radio service across their OS platforms that is ad-supported (next … [Read more...]


What Makes Radio Matter

So the other day I was in Barnes & Noble for the first time in a long time.  What a revelation!Where are the DVD's?!  Gone!  And the music?  Gone!  Both replaced by a wide variety of "learning toys."  Meanwhile the "Nook" section was expanded and moved to the center of the store, complete with ultra-contemporary Apple-like design aesthetic.Remember when the bookstore sold books (and music and movies)?  That was back when B&N competed against my dearly departed Borders, the bookseller that once subcontracted their online store to a little company called Amazon.As I looked … [Read more...]


Yes, Pandora is “Radio”

It's a question vexing many broadcasters, especially those charged with leading the radio industry:Is Pandora "radio" or is it something else?I'm going to put that to rest right now.Yes, Pandora is "radio."  And you are "Pandora."  Get used to it.That is not to say Pandora is identical to "radio."  Whether or not the two are the same is irrelevant to users, advertisers, and broadcasters alike.  You don't have to be the same as radio to be "radio."You simply have to be used by similar people and similar advertisers for similar purposes.At issue is how we define "radio." … [Read more...]


What IS “Radio” in 2010? (Hint: Move the Frame)

Those of you who are thoughtful about radio's future and its many opportunities in a digital world will appreciate this video - it's a highlight from my recent presentation at the British Columbia Association of Broadcasters conference in May, 2010. How do we redefine radio for an all-new age? The answer is here (and it's not "stick an FM receiver in a mobile phone").  At least part of the answer. The rest will be on display at the upcoming Convergence conference.Want just the audio?  The mp3 is here.Extend out.  Work backwards. … [Read more...]

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