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And Radio’s Best Chance for the Future is…

If there's one book this year that best sums up what the radio industry has to do to compete in a world of infinite choice, it's this one: Blockbusters: Hit-making, Risk-taking, and the Big Business of Entertainment. It's a heavily researched and highly readable book by Harvard professor Anita Elberse.I talked with Anita to test some of my own theories about radio's future in the presence of her research. The result is a clear strategy and plan of action. Now the rest is up to you.Click here to listen to my interview:[jwplayer mediaid="10455"] Download AudioOr here for the … [Read more...]


What Should AM Radio Do?

In this short video, I spell out what AM should do to continue to thrive.Hint: The answer's not going to come from our friends in Washington D.C.What does it mean to be in the "AM Radio Business" - and is that even the one you're in?I think we're asking ourselves the wrong questions and, as a result, getting the wrong answers.Prefer audio? Try this:[jwplayer mediaid="10310"]Download Audio(You can subscribe to all the MRM video and audio via iTunes and get the goodies before everybody else. You can also get advance notice of this content if you "like" MRM on … [Read more...]

Sprint on FM Radio

As Long As FM Radio is on Sprint Phones….

Last week one of the radio industry's big headlines was the preliminary deal struck between Sprint and various players in radio to provide over-the-air FM on Sprint devices via the Emmis/HD Radio NextRadio platform.  I haven't seen much thoughtful analysis on this yet, so here goes nothing.On the surface, this is good news.  After all, it means more ways for listeners to listen to the stations they love and more ways to interact with those stations.Looking deeper, however, we need to keep this announcement in perspective. Consider these apparent facts:Although details on "what's … [Read more...]


The Future of AM Radio

Radio Ink made a classic mistake last week when it celebrated the strength of AM radio by trumpeting the financial success of the top radio brands, many of which happen to be on AM. Why is this a mistake?  Because it confuses the band with the brand.AM radio is not what makes stations like WFAN so successful.  WFAN is what makes WFAN so successful.Indeed, the trajectory for AM radio in general is not pretty.We generally assume that AM, like FM, is universal simply because it exists everywhere.  But existing everywhere and being used by all people are two completely different … [Read more...]


Can Your AM Station Earn 20X More Than Average?

Barry Leffler says you can. Barry is CEO of WCHL in Chapel Hill, NC, and Chapelboro.com, WCHL's community-oriented site which is exploding in revenue and earning WCHL roughly twenty-times what a typical AM station might earn in digital as a percentage of total revenue.How does Barry do it? And how can you? Those are the questions we cover in this important conversation.Watch:[iframe http://player.vimeo.com/video/37973676?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0 500 281]Prefer audio?  Try this:Download mp3(You can subscribe to all the MRM video and audio via iTunes and get … [Read more...]


Everything you need to know about Radio in the new iPhone 5

Rumors are rumors, but patents are real.Whether the technology produced by these patents arrives in the forthcoming iPhone 5 or a later version is anybody's guess, but it sure makes sense to me that we'll see this sooner rather than later (although it's also possible that we'll never see this).Back in December, Apple quietly submitted a patent application that altered the radio experience for its users and introduced three new elements to the iPhone:  FM, AM, and Satellite Radio - all built in.Besides a much slicker user experience than the standard radio dial, Apple has … [Read more...]

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