Perceptual/Strategic Research for media brands to create ratings advantage over competitors. Format Discovery Research to map out new opportunities. Online, on-phone, and in person. Qualitative and quantitative. Whatever it takes to get the job done best.



All good media strategy begins with the consumer in mind. What assets does the media brand have, and what consumer problems can those assets help solve? And how do we brand and message so as to maximize our strategic impact?



Mark Ramsey speaks on trends and opportunities using illustrations and data from inside and outside media. Ramsey is a passionate speaker specializing in the tremendous opportunities available to traditional media companies in a digital world.


The success of any media brand begins with a thorough understanding of the consumer. Who is she and what does she want? How does – or might – she react to our brand? How can we transform users to fans? How can we stoke consumer engagement? MRM uses online, telephone, and in-person methodologies to get these answers. Then we integrate those answers into a coherent strategy and an action list of tactics.

Perceptual and Strategic Research and Format Discovery studies are our primary work products for media brands, but we also do qualitative research using social media tools and good old-fashioned focus groups.


It’s that old expression – you can climb the ladder, but what if it’s leaning against the wrong wall? MRM shines in finding the right wall, and helping you climb in its direction. Strategy requires having a sense of the optimal destination, and our years of experience in media and among consumers will maximize your chances of making that strategy effective.

It’s worth noting that virtually no other adviser company has MRM’s depth of strategic and research experience in the audio entertainment and information industry. There’s a reason we’re sought out by investors, online radio companies, TV stations, radio broadcasters, and entrepreneurs. It’s because we know how to get the answers you need.


Recent Speaking Engagements

Here is a sampling of Mark Ramsey’s recent public events:

  • Christian Radio Broadcasters’ Momentum 2009
  • San Diego Broadcasters Association 2009
  • British Columbia Association of Broadcasters 2010
  • Radio Ink’s Convergence 2010
  • Canadian Music Week 2010
  • NAB Radio Show 2009
  • European RadioDays 2010
  • National Religious Broadcasters Association Conference 2009
  • National Association of Farm Broadcasters 2011
  • Interactive Advertising Bureau “Audio Day” 2012
  • hivio Radio Ideas Festival 2013

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