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The first-ever audio future festival. New and transformational ideas in the audio entertainment and information industry.

Imagining the future of radio, online radio, audio branding, podcasting, and audio advertising.

Mark Ramsey and Jaime Solis gather a ‘hive’ of smart people to see, discuss, and think about new ideas in audio on-demand, radio, content, social, mobile, and technology that transform the audio entertainment and information space.

Presentations, in-depth Q&A, and presentations with media, agency, brand, technology, and content authorities who are not the same old faces.

Watch these highlights from 2015:

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Why Slacker is Radio’s Best-Kept Secret


How can terrestrial radio partner with online radio for the benefit of both?

That’s just one topic tackled by Duncan Orrell-Jones, CEO of Slacker Radio. In this Q&A from hivio, the audio future festival, Orrell-Jones outlines Slacker’s business strategy and how it contrasts with the strategies of more familiar names like Pandora or Spotify.

Slacker’s emphasis is on building a state-of-the-art radio experience and pursuing unique deals in partnership and distribution.

Some of the questions Orrell-Jones addresses:

  • How is Slacker different – how are you approaching online radio as a sustainable business?
  • Why is it that we hear less about Slacker than competitors, some of which don’t have nearly the usage Slacker has?
  • What’s the future of music licensing?
  • Online ready is top-heavy today with a small number of very powerful players. Where is the business headed, and where does Slacker fit in?
  • Terrestrial radio often sees online radio as the enemy. But is that true? Are online radio platforms like Slacker friend or foe for conventional broadcasters?
  • How does your background with a content-driven brand like Disney affect the way you see the online radio space?

Click the video below to watch:

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How Spotify’s Data Insights Propel Their Strategy


What if music genres are a lot less important to how listeners tune in music than “use case” moments? That is, what if what you want to do while you’re listening is more important than the genre you are listening to?

That’s just one insight from Spotify’s deep dive into their massive dataset.

Think about the implications of that for a moment. It suggests that you should spend less time trumpeting your genre and more time trumpeting the moments that your genre is suited for in the lives of your listeners

Brian Benedik, Spotify’s VP and Global Head of Ad Monetization, reveals some of those amazing insights in what is one of the highlights of this year’s hivio audio future festival (you have already signed up for more info about hivio, haven’t you?).

If you study these insights (and you should) you’ll see not only the types of data Spotify is gathering but also how they’re using this data to create greater value for their brand advertisers.

It’s some amazing stuff – you should watch this video. Thanks to Brian and to Spotify for sharing it with the gang at hivio.

Click the video below to watch:

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The Future of Podcasting – PRX’s Jake Shapiro


What is the future of Podcasting?

Nobody knows better than Jake Shapiro. Jake is founding CEO of PRX – an award-winning nonprofit whose mission is to deliver significant stories to millions of people. Since its launch in 2003 PRX has been a leader and innovator in public media. PRX programs include The Moth Radio Hour, This American Life, Snap Judgment, Reveal, 99% Invisible and the Radiotopia podcast network.

Fast Company named PRX as one of the world’s Top 10 Most Innovative Media Companies in 2015.

This is another video from hivio 2015, the audio future festival.

Watch Jake talk about “membership thinking” and its central role in the future of podcasting and listen closely to the way he describes the future of podcast players.

What’s “broken” about the podcasting experience, and how can it be fixed?

Click the video below to watch:

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Interacting with Audio Ads by Voice – XAPPMedia’s Pat Higbie


Is “touch” broken, when it comes to advertising?

That’s the argument from XAPPmedia CEO Pat Higbie in this presentation from hivio 2015, the audio future festival.

So what’s not broken? Your ability to activate advertising outcomes with your voice. Especially using mobile devices and when you’re on-the-go.

XAPPmedia’s XAPP Ads are interactive audio ads that connect consumers directly with brands. Consumers can respond to ads instantly with just their voice.

Watch this video and see (or hear) for yourself:

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The Amazing Advertising Impact of Podcasts – PodcastOne’s Mike Agovino


Podcasting is helping millions of listeners fall in love with audio all over again. That’s from the perspective of someone who has been at the center of radio, digital, and now podcasting.

Mike Agovino is Executive Vice Chairman of PodcastOne and former COO of Triton Digital – two firms at the core of the new age of digital audio.

In this conversation from hivio, the audio future festival, Mark Ramsey talks with Agovino about the amazing impact of podcasting for advertisers and how, in many ways, the medium is a throwback to an earlier era of radio, dominated by compelling personalities.

Just how effective is podcasting for advertisers?

What are the keys to unlocking podcasting’s revenue potential?

What are the opportunities for traditional radio brands to gain significant traction in podcast growth and monetization? How do they make it happen?

Those are just some of the questions Mike answers in this frank and revealing conversation.

Watch this video:

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Breakthrough Digital Strategy for Radio – Federated’s James Derby


In radio, we are always talking about digital strategies, but how about seeing some actual strategies in action and the real audience and revenue results they generate?

That’s why James Derby spoke at hivio, the audio future festival held a while back in LA.

James has led the development of some of the boldest, most inventive, and most compelling platform integrations in and around the audio space. James is the Chief Strategy Officer for Federated Media. In this role he’s helping guide Federated’s radio, newspaper and digital properties as legacy and digital media converge.

In this terrific presentation, James lays out three key Federated digital strategies in detail: Federated’s local and regional sports sites, their digital marketing agency, and their cutting edge mobile apps.

There are great lessons here for any broadcaster trying to anticipate where the digital winds of change are gusting.

Watch this video:

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How to Master Social Media


How can audio brands master social media?

What are the best practices in social media for audio brands? How should audio brands be thinking about social media strategy and the importance of influencers?

I was thrilled to have Jaclyn Johnson answer these and many other questions at hivio 2015.

Jaclyn is one of Forbes’ “Top 30 under 30.” Her company, [NO SUBJECT], is one of the go-to marketing, influencer and events agencies in Los Angeles, servicing brands such as Nasty Gal, Levi’s, Sprint, Baxter of California, Urban Decay and more.

Jaclyn has a keen understanding of what millennials desire, the importance of wrangling influencers, and how to put all that together in a potent social media strategy.

Among the questions I asked Jaclyn:

  • What is [NO SUBJECT] and Create and Cultivate?
  • Create and Cultivate is launching a podcast? Why a podcast?
  • Audio for you is part of something larger. You focus on offline and online connection. Why?
  • Millennials – what do marketers need to know?
  • What are the ingredients for an effective social media strategy? What are the key steps?
  • What do we get WRONG about social media?
  • In audio, lots of social media activity is self-promotion. You base your social media efforts on storytelling. Describe that difference and why it matters.
  • Influencers – who are they and why do they matter?

Lots of the advice followed by radio stations and others when it comes to social media is wrong. Find out why.

Watch this video:

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How Audio Advertising is Changing


What is the future of audio advertising?

That’s what I set out to learn from a true expert: Kirsten Wolf, VP Media Director of Starcom Worldwide. While Kirsten doesn’t speak for the entire advertising industry, Starcom is unquestionably at the forefront of the audio advertising space.

What are advertisers and buyers looking for from audio brands? How do advertisers see radio, podcasting, online radio, and more? And where are the trends headed?

Here are some of the central questions Kirsten answered in this interview from hivio 2015 – the audio future festival:

  • How does Starcom see the audio space today?
  • What are the differences in how you buy – or would like to buy – different flavors of audio – radio, online radio, podcasting, etc?
  • How do audio sellers “get it wrong” when they pitch you? How do they get it “right”?
  • What do you want from sellers in the audio space?
  • How do you compare the pros and cons of audio to other media?
  • What does the audio space need in terms of metrics? How do you feel about the existing metrics?
  • Is it important that all metrics be unified, or simply that they be of good quality?
  • Is unified measurement important? Or simply comfortable?

I think you’ll be surprised by some of Kirsten’s answers.

“It’s a lot more about collaboration now, not price,” says Kirsten.

“We take a platform agnostic approach – the channel doesn’t lead the conversation. We look at the audio space holistically.”

“Today it’s a lot more about answering a business challenge and creating experiences,” says Kirsten.

The challenges of clients, not the challenges of broadcasters. And experiences, not cost-per-point.

In particular, note her comments on the value of unified measurement. It may be a comfortable notion, but it’s not essential to the buying process, and it may not even be possible.

Watch this video:

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Marilu Henner Loves Radio – and Listeners Love Marilu


What’s there to love about radio? A lot, according to Marilu Henner.

Indeed, my conversation with the always warm and spirited Marilu was one of the highlights of hivio 2015.

Marilu is the ultimate Hollywood hyphenate – author, actor, TV star, and humanitarian. Along with starring in over thirty films, six Broadway shows, and two hit classic sitcoms, Taxi and Evening Shade, this five-time Golden Globe Nominee now hosts her own nationally syndicated radio show The Marilu Henner Show. With equal parts news, advice and entertainment, Marilu offers celebrity guests, life-changing tips, and inspiring stories from the world of show business, and her personal life.

Here are some of the questions I asked Marilu in this fast-paced Q&A:

  • You can do almost anything. Why radio?
  • Tell me about the moment you knew you could do this show and do it well?
  • What have YOU learned from doing a radio show? What has surprised you?
  • What advice would you give to other established talents who want to dabble in radio?
  • What sets your show apart? Why should a broadcaster make space for you on their schedule?

One thing you’ll take away from this conversation is that it’s possible to bring a famous talent like Marilu into the radio fold and make the industry better for it.

With her limitless enthusiasm and effervescent joy, Marilu is the kind of force the radio industry needs more of – on more stations in more markets in more dayparts.


Find out why, among all the things Marilu does, radio is her favorite.

Watch this video:

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The Future of Radio Talent – iHeartMedia’s Dennis Clark at hivio


So you think the future of radio is shutting up to play more songs?

Think again.

Dennis Clark is iHeartMedia’s secret weapon when it comes to talent development. In this rare appearance before a U.S. audience at hivio 2015, Dennis talks about the future of talent and how talent is at the heart of radio’s and audio’s future.

Some of the questions Dennis addresses:

  • How do you see the role of talent in radio and audio?
  • What do talents most need to know that they don’t know
  • What is the most common thing talents get wrong?
  • What is “Personality branding”?
  • What do you tell a Ryan Seacrest that helps him improve?
  • Take me through your process…how do you approach coaching with talent?
  • Where should we find talent?

If you’re a talent in radio or audio, this is a must-watch and must-share Q&A for you!

Watch this video:

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