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The first-ever audio future festival. New and transformational ideas in the audio entertainment and information industry.

Free. Invitation only. One Summer day in San Diego. Coming again in 2014!

Mark Ramsey and Jaime Solis gather a ‘hive’ of smart people to see, discuss, and think about new ideas in audio on-demand, radio, content, social, mobile, and technology that transform the audio entertainment and information space.

Presentations, in-depth Q&A, and presentations with media agency, brand, technology, and content authorities who are not the same old faces.

Get ready to rock the world of audio entertainment and information. Get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience from Mark Ramsey Media.

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2013 Speakers included
Thoughtful presentations and conversations flush with ideas anyone in the audio entertainment or information space can put to work right away. All from the perspectives of people outside radio: Brands, agencies, entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and innovators.



What Radio Can Learn from a YouTube Star


What’s the difference between a media brand and an individual with 50 million YouTube views?


Andrea Russett is a YouTube phenomenon. She has amassed over 700K Twitter followers, 1 million YouTube subscribers, 1.1 million Instagram followers, and 50 million YouTube views.

Speaking with me at hivio 2014 with her manager Phil Becker, here are some of the questions that Andrea and Phil answered:

  • How did you become a YouTube Star? How do you grow that kind of attention?
  • What do brands expect from a YouTube Star? How do they work with you?
  • How did you work on the Radio?
  • Why does a YouTube star WANT to be on the radio?
  • How does a broadcaster find talent from YouTube?
  • Why isn’t every broadcaster in every local market doing that?!
  • What did Phil learn from the experience with Andrea on the radio?

Talent is central to the future of radio, no matter where it lives. And a talent who comes to radio with its own large and built-in audience is a special talent indeed.

This is required viewing for broadcasters everywhere!

Watch this video:

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Go here for more info about hivio, the audio future festival. The free event for everyone in the audio entertainment and information space.

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What Advertisers Want from Radio


What do advertisers want from the audio marketplace in general and from radio in particular?

Let’s ask an agency head! Or in this case, an “anti-agency” head: Ric Militi, CEO of InnoVision, a company that buys terrestrial radio, Pandora, and a whole lot more.

This was one of the standout Q&A’s from hivio 2014, the audio future festival.

Among the questions Ric answers:

  • What kind audio do you buy? Why?
  • What is the BEST thing about the audio space from the advertiser’s perspective?
  • How do you factor in — or overrule — Nielsen ratings in your decision-making?
  • How do you see your buying decisions changing in the future?
  • How is traditional radio missing out, if at all? What don’t broadcasters understand that they need to?
  • What advice would you give to anyone in the audio space who wanted you to spend money with them?
  • Do you spend on podcasts? Why/why not?

Watch this video:

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Go here for more info about hivio, the audio future festival. The free event for everyone in the audio entertainment and information space.

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This is how Pandora has Changed Audio Advertising


Pandora is changing more than the way folks consume radio – it’s changing the way agencies view audio advertising.

This was at the center of my conversation with Pandora VP Audio Sales Doug Sterne at the hivio audio future festival in San Diego in June, 2014.

Among the questions Doug answers:

  • What impact has online radio in general — and Pandora in particular — had on audio as a force among agencies?
  • For online radio, audio is more than just audio. What creative opportunities has online radio opened up for agencies and their clients?
  • Mobile is obviously the direction all technology is headed in. What are the advantages of online radio in that space?
  • Targeting — How does targeting continue to evolve, and how does that contribute to monetization?
  • How does Pandora keep registration information up to date?
  • What is the level of acceptance for online radio as an alternative to traditional radio for the advertisers you speak to?
  • What does the advertising market want in terms of measurement?

You’ll particularly enjoy Doug’s response when asked why Nielsen can’t – or won’t – measure Pandora alongside the rest of the radio universe.

Watch this video:

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Go here for more info about hivio, the audio future festival. The free event for everyone in the audio entertainment and information space.

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Key Takeaways from hivio, the Audio Future Festival


So what did you miss at hivio, the audio future festival, in San Diego earlier this month?

Well let’s ask somebody who was there. Sara Marsolek, Faith Radio Network’s Listener Engagement Director, was kind enough to take some copious notes and has agreed to let me share a summary of them with you. You can read her original blog post about the event here.

Thanks Sara!

Here are some key takeaways:

1. Build your list.

I call this new name acquisition – too fancy? Well, you get the point. Everything you do should incorporate a strategic and exciting way for a fan to share their contact information – to respond to you. What are you offering in exchange for access into his/her life?

2. Create and curate exclusive content that accomplishes your mission AND matters to your fans AND make it available through multiple channels.

You own it, you disperse it, the people come back to you instead of going over to … “Where hits are commodities, you need hits that you own.” Find ways to cultivate winning content offerings, or highly consumed audio in-house. Think differently about what a ‘hit’ can be. Clear wins are content that make your fans smarter and helps them make a smart decision, content that makes them look good when they share it, or content that evokes emotion. 

3. Throw out half of the content (on-air and online) you just created and start over.

Your next attempt will be much better than the first. Trust me. Or trust Pixar. It’s what they do every day as they develop each new film. (Emma Coats) Build a story worth listening to and worth sharing. What does this look like in your workday? Show prep. Second and third drafts. A running list of ideas, topics, guests, approaches, angles that you may never use. That’s okay. Understand that not everything that excites you will be interesting to your audience. Pro tip: Be open to criticism, stand firm on your idea, but be able to accept rejection and move on to the next. big. idea. 

4. There is a continual-and-huge demand for bite-size audio.

People love bite-size programming; 30 seconds, 3-5 minutes, 7 minutes max. It’s a tech-driven distracted world where people want the ‘main points’ and to consume it on mobile or in an app. Deliver on that. Skip the 30 minute podcast. Find those 30-second nuggets, attach your metadata and put them on social – spread them everywhere – share them with anyone – because you own them and they’re highly consumable. You’ll build a following that may be willing to consume longer segments as they consume you over time. Rarely will a user consume full-length on first interaction with your brand. Pro tip: Approach your content with the general assumption that it will only ever be skimmed and then test. Maybe your best length is 30 seconds, maybe it’s 3.256735 minutes. Figure it out. 

5. Stop PPMing your programming. 

Ratings matter to advertisers and that’s where it should stop (in fact advertisers should stop making decisions based on ratings too). As a brand, your fans come first. Engagement trumps reach. Know who you’re talking with and why they’re listening. If you continue to program based on PPM (portable people meters), you will take all the fun and creativity out of programming and it will hurt you in the long run, both in attracting talent and keeping an engaged audience. Advertisers want a ‘real’ audience, they want to see tangible actions by consumers based on marketing messages, and have bought into the idea that PPM shows them where the audience is. Your station might show big #s, but do you have the hearts of your audience? Depth vs. reach. Pro tip: Advertisers buy ideas that are proprietary to your brand. If they can take the idea and apply it elsewhere, it’s not proprietary and it’s certainly not original, which won’t set them apart in an already fragmented market. 

6. Linear consumption is out.

People want easy access to your best stuff when they want it, where they want it; non-linear (@agogo). Consumers don’t live under YOUR schedule, but they still want to see, hear, participate and enjoy your best work – just on their own time frame and favorite distribution channel (which may not be radio). Podcasting (or better defined as on-demand audio) is your best opportunity to reach non-linear consumers. On-demand audio also reaches users who may not even be aware of you or live in your market, but they’re looking for niche content – audio specific to a need or interest. You can meet that demand and gain a fan if you make your content available beyond your traditional means. Note: Fans trump audiences. Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2014 report will tell you this as well. Audiences tune in when they’re told to (and then tune out promptly afterwards without any further action). Fans choose when and what to watch (then go and share and comment and like and sometimes create the stuff that you can turn around and use the next day). Fans move in flocks and if you can activate a fan base, you have a highly passionate mobilized group to work with. Pro tip: In order to get your audio picked up by other distribution channels, apps, or discovered by consumers, include metadata with your on-demand audio. It makes it easier for the consumers, apps, and channels to know what to do and how to use your offerings.

7. Sharing isn’t accidental.

People share because an emotion was activated or it makes them look better. On that latter bit, everyone is trying to build their own social currency. Help them out every so often. (@markmiddo) Find out what the consumer values and wants, and then offer that. Don’t just throw out a ‘call now for a chance to win this prize!’ without knowing whether they want the prize in the first place! You’re wasting your time, and dollars on trinkets. Test. Find what works – what gets shared – and you’ll find your targets to aim for. A little data goes a long way in the long run. Pro tip: Ask your fans what they want. Do it as a promotion. “Sign up, tell us what you want for a chance to win what you want. Okay? Go!” 

8. Hire talent that has an audience, not just a voice. 

Radio talent that eventually turn into stars are avidly developing their own brand, their own platform, and capabilities outside the station walls. They are becoming their own media, interacting in the community and with their fans in a way that’s absolutely engaging and social, unique to them and big. And they’re doing it without a studio or staff behind them. Pro tip: Every market has a YouTube star. All you need to do is train them how to do radio because they have everything else you need to explode your brand (content, fans, personality).

9. ASK your fans WHAT they WANT. Do it now. And then deliver.

Develop your audience. Develop your own unique connection points with your audience who are following you for very specific reasons. Don’t copy the competition in hopes to garner (steal) their audience members. It doesn’t pay to fight over channel surfers or button pushers. Focus on your P1′s. They’re already loyal to you. Love them back.

10. “Fear will prevent 99% of the population from being successful.” – Ric Militi.

Fear is what holds radio (and basically everyone) back from success. We’ve (Radio) been around a while. We’ve got legacy – but legacy isn’t going to keep us here. Our fans will. And in order to keep and attract fans, we need to keep and attract talent who can and love to engage with them in big, unique, meaningful, star-filled ways. We need to be okay with failing which means we need to try – and then try again.

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The Future of Your Radio Brand – Mark Ramsey @hivio 2014


Podcasting, online radio, terrestrial radio, satellite radio….Do you think that all these audio silos have little in common? That podcasting is different from radio is different from online radio and Pandora, etc?

You’re wrong.

Do you think that ever-increasing choices in a world offering everybody their own personal customized experience means the end of “hits,” and – by association – the end of radio?

No, in fact the more choices you have, the more important “hits” become.

But be forewarned, “hits” are about more than music.

In fact, the importance of “hits” reflects the importance of content, no matter what the channel of distribution. That’s why, as I say in this presentation which opened hivio 2014, the audio future festival: “People don’t fall in love with distribution channels, they fall in love with content.”

Watch this video and see me introduce a model for you to fill in for your radio or audio brand.

And don’t be surprised if I prove my point with a special appearance by the cast of Star Wars.

Prefer audio? Try this:

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Go here for more info about hivio, the audio future festival. The free event for everyone in the audio entertainment and information space.

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This is the first of many videos I’ll be publishing over the coming weeks from hivio. We had an amazing day in San Diego earlier this June.

Consider this a taste of what you may have missed (and shame on you for missing it).

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Social Media Guru Gary Vaynerchuk on the Power of Audio


He’s the author of the best-selling Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World and a social media guru who knows how to “crush it.”

He’s Gary Vaynerchuk!

Gary created this video just for us to open hivio 2014 – the audio future festival – last week. In it, he showcases the power of audio.

“Audio matters – period,” says Gary.

Lots more video to come from hivio 2014. If you haven’t already signed up for hivio updates, do it now!

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Images of hivio 2014 – the Audio Future Festival

I wanted to create an event that attracted a bevy of thoughtful future-oriented doers in the audio space, one that offered new ideas, inspiration, and compelling Q&A for radio, online radio, digital audio, and podcasting (I’m only pretending those are separate categories, of course). I also wanted to create an event that folks would be proud to attend not only because of the information and the networking, but also because it was just plain fun.

Here are some images from hivio 2014:

Tech galore – we’re streaming live here:


Craig Bruce, Southern Cross Austereo’s Head of Content, talks about the biggest media brand in Australia – a radio show – and gives some great lessons on the importance of talent.


Our morning surprise: “Go big or go home” means the Force is always with us!


Our afternoon surprise! YouTube superstar Randall the Honey Badger guy attacks Albright, O’Malley, and Brenner’s Becky Brenner while talking up his new podcast, Honey Badger’s Badass Animal Podcast on PodcastOne.


Teen YouTube sensation Andrea Russett and L&L’s Phil Becker tells us how she got 50 million YouTube views


InnoVision LLC’s Ric Militi – being watched in Denmark via our live stream. Thanks Denmark!

Super smart AGOGO founder J.D. Heilprin walks us through his amazing platform:


Former Pixar story artist Emma Coats told us how to make great stories – and why early versions of all Pixar movies suck. “We worry if they don’t suck,” she said.


Thanks to Jaime Solis who helped me put all this together, to the entire tech crew, and to everyone in the audience and all who participated onstage with me.

Thanks also to those of you who tuned in online. There were lots of you!

You can watch a replay of the live stream now if you don’t mind the occasional streaming hiccup, but if you’re patient I’ll be publishing all the amazing Q&A’s over the next few weeks in HD quality.

Want to be in the loop on all things hivio? Go here and sign up (that’s where you can find the live video and tons of social media interaction, too).

hivio 2014 – that’s a wrap!

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Watch hivio 2014 – the Audio Future Festival – LIVE


On June 4, from 8:30 PT to 4:30 PT, hivio streams all day long!

Here’s the lineup so you can schedule your viewing (all times are PT and approximate):

  • 8:30 – 9am - Mark Ramsey (@MarkRamseyMedia)
  • 9 – 9:10am - Video from Gary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee)
  • 9:10 – 9:30am - Tracy Johnson, Tracy Johnson Media (@TracyJohnson)
  • 9:30 – 10:00am – Jerry Rocco, 22Social (@JerryRocco)
  • 10 – 10:30am – BREAK
  • 10:30 – 11am – Ric Militi, InnoVision
  • 11:00 – 11:30am – Craig Bruce, Southern Cross Austereo (@CB_Bruce)
  • 11:30 – 12 Noon – Mark Middo, Growth Hacker (@MarkMiddo)
  •  Noon – 1pm BREAK/LUNCH
  • 1- 1:30pm – Emma Coats, Filmmaker, Formerly Pixar (@LawnRocket)
  • 1:30 – 2pm – Robert Rose, Content Marketing Institute (@Robert_Rose)
  • 2 – 2:30pm – Doug Sterne, Pandora (@Pandora_Radio)
  • 2:30 – 3pm BREAK
  • 3 – 3:30pm – YouTube Star Andrea Russett (@AndreaRussett) & Phil Becker (@PhilBecker)
  • 3:30 – 4pm – JD Heilprin, AGOGO (@JDAgogo)
  • 4 – 4:30pm – Rob Greenlee (and a special surprise), PodcastOne (@RobGreenlee)

I strongly recommend you watch my opening presentation (especially the end) and the very end of the day for a couple of surprises!

No, I really mean it!

How to Watch:

Watch HERE and you can comment via Facebook in real time. 

And yes, it even works on your mobile device!

Or watch here at and check out all the social media chatter (there will be a lot)!

Please Participate:

On Twitter, use #hivio and @hivioSD

And here’s our Facebook page

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Watch hivio 2014 LIVE – RSVP Here!


hivio is the audio future festival, and it streams LIVE from San Diego on Wednesday, June 4, 2014, beginning at 8:30 am PT

New Ideas, Inspiration, and Compelling Q&A for Radio, Online Radio, Digital Audio, and Podcasting.

Mark Ramsey talks LIVE with SiriusXM’s Tim Sabean, InnoVision’s Ric Militi, Southern Cross Austereo’s Craig Bruce, Growth Hacker and Author Mark Middo, Former Pixar Story Artist Emma Coats, the Content Marketing Institute’s Robert Rose, Pandora’s Doug Sterne, YouTube phenomenon Andrea Russett, AGOGO Founder J.D. Heilprin, PodcastOne’s Rob Greenlee, and a special video introduction from best-selling author and social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk!

RSVP Now to Watch – it’s free!

RSVP on Facebook HERE and click “JOIN”


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You’ll be reminded as the event approaches!

Here’s a look at who’s in the audience and onstage with me (click to open the presentation):


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hivio 2014 is Breaking Records!

It’s shaping up to be perhaps the most diverse gathering of professionals in the audio information and entertainment space ever.

Just take a look at this word cloud version of all the company names present in the room:


From broadcasters to podcasters, from commercial radio to public radio, from startups to established players, from digital innovators to traditional radio stalwarts, from U.S. to International.

It’s a full house for hivio 2014, the audio future festival, set for a secret San Diego location on June 4.

Onstage will be a custom video message from social media guru and bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk. We’ll have thought leaders, makers, and shakers from SiriusXM, Pandora, AGOGO, Southern Cross Austereo, and PodcastOne. We’ll have an agency head and leaders in content marketing and growth hacking. We’ll have a former Pixar story artist and a YouTube phenom with over fifty million views to her credit. And we’ll have one or two surprises!

By next week we’ll announce details on how you can watch the whole thing stream live for FREE! Stay tuned.

And go here to sign up for updates about hivio.

Every week from now until June 4 we’re introducing you to the speakers and giving you an opportunity to submit questions. Act fast and you’ll be able to get the first look at the official hivio 2014 t-shirt, free to all registered guests.

Isn’t it always about the t-shirt?

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