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TV is going Social and Interactive; What about Radio?

It is estimated that 23% of American consumers will own a tablet by 2012 (up from an estimated 12% now).  Tablets are built to be interactive media devices (among other things) and their penetration will only promote the transformation of TV into an interactive experience, including interactive advertising. And the explosion of apps powered by mobile devices and tablets alike has enabled a slew of startups built around the proposition of socializing the TV experience. For example, Yahoo's IntoNow listens to what you're watching: IntoNow makes engaging with your friends around your … [Read more...]


Just how “Social” is Public Radio?

Let's suppose you provided a very specific product - unique to the world.  Let's suppose the demand for that product was enormous, so much so that many consumers of it do what most radio listeners would never do:  They actually pay for it.  Suppose the consumers for this product have enormous trust in the brand, a vast sense of "us" - a sense that we who consume this product are similar to each other in important ways and different from others who are apart from our community.  Let's suppose the relationship to this brand is so strong that many consumers choose to do the unthinkable:  They … [Read more...]


Guy Kawasaki knows how to make Radio Enchanting

Guy Kawasaki is one of the most widely read and respected voices on the digital frontier.  He’s an entrepreneur, marketing guru, one-time Apple chief evangelist, and author of ten books (most of which I have read), including his newest, Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions. Watch the video of our conversation here.  An abbreviated transcript is below, but the video is richer and funnier, too. [iframe 500 281] Prefer audio?  Try … [Read more...]


What Broadcasters still don’t Understand about Social Media

Why do so many of your consumers - real people - play in the social media sandbox? It's not to share your crap. It's not to receive your promotional announcements. It's to connect with each other. In other words, it's about them, not you.  You're just lucky if all this connecting happens in the presence of your brand.  Indeed, that's the whole point. That doesn't mean you shouldn't have stuff to share (and "stuff to share" does not mean stuff unworthy of sharing that happens to have a "share" button next to it). It doesn't mean that promoting your wares is an illegitimate use … [Read more...]


The Science of Social Media

Here's a great video of social media scientist Dan Zarella with a great overview of some of the facts underlying social media. Dan is also author of The Facebook Marketing Book, the ultimate guide to making magic with Facebook. [iframe 500 281] How do you get ideas to spread?  What kind of ideas do spread? Great advice here not only for marketing with social media but for marketing, period. … [Read more...]


Don’t Force your Personalities to Blog

It's the lowest hanging fruit of social media best practices:  Let's get our personalities to blog! Yet what I hear over and over is that "our personalities don't want to blog" or "they don't want the extra work" or "they want to be paid more if they blog." Listen, there are two types of talents:  The kind that get social media and are interested in engaging in it - and the other kind.  It is my belief that you should not try to paint lipstick on the proverbial pig.  If the personality insists on wallowing in the mud, let him wallow.  You simply cannot bribe someone to care about social … [Read more...]


Smarter, Faster, Cheaper Marketing Strategies for your Media Brand

David Siteman Garland is on a mission - a mission to help you market and promote your business (or media brand) smarter, faster, and cheaper. David's blog, The Rise to the Top, is a wealth of useful information on how to do just that, and he has written a brand new book: Smarter, Faster, Cheaper: Non-Boring, Fluff-Free Strategies for Marketing and Promoting Your Business. How can a media brand leverage the power of technology and social media to ramp up its influence?  Watch this conversation with David and find out. Almost single-handedly, David has crafted a media empire of his own, … [Read more...]

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