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Sirius XM’s Take on Personalization

Personalization is a rainbow extending all the way from "lowest common denominator" to "all mine." The former is what you get on the radio while the latter is what you find in the iTunes store. SXM's version of personalization, which appeared in the iTunes store this past weekend, is closer to the former than the latter, not that there's anything wrong with that. Want to skip songs or create your own custom channels? Sorry, Charlie. This isn't the place for you (assuming you're listening "live," whatever that means) - but then you knew that already. But if you have a favorite Sirius XM … [Read more...]


SiriusXM is Stealing Your Fans

It's largely off the radar for most broadcasters but I have noticed something interesting in the past year or so: Satellite radio is getting more important to consumers. I do regular proprietary research studies for broadcasters all over America, and one of my basic measures is the "favorite station" metric. For the many music stations I have conducted these studies for in markets large and small, the majority feature "SiriusXM" as one of the top 12 "favorite stations or services" in the market. Now I know that SiriusXM, like Pandora, packs many stations under one roof; this should … [Read more...]


Why I like SiriusXM’s new Mobile App

It hasn't gotten a ton of attention, but SiriusXM's recently revised mobile apps add some functionality which I think makes a dramatic difference in the quality of the user experience and also transforms the meaning of satellite radio online using the familiar metaphor of the DVR (not new for the conventional satellite radios, but certainly new for their streaming versions). It's no longer simply the mobile way to stream most SiriusXM channels via the Internet.  It now allows a whole new level of control, as illustrated by this summary from SiriusBuzz: The “START NOW” feature which will … [Read more...]


5 Reasons Sirius/XM does not need to fear Pandora

Pandora and other online radio pure-plays want to be in the car, and that will mean trouble for Sirius/XM, right? After all, Pandora et. al. are free while Sirius/XM is not. Not so fast. Here are five reasons why that logic could be all wet: 1.  Sirius/XM is destination programming.  For Pandora, the destination is me. That is, personalized radio services solve one problem really well, but they don't solve all problems equally well. Tons of Sirius/XM listenership is for professional sports, news and talk, or premium branded content like Howard Stern or Rosie or (now) Dr. … [Read more...]


An On-Demand World? Somebody tell Sirius XM

It's an on-demand world. How many times have you heard that? Consumers - especially younger ones - can't begin to fathom anything as quaint and antiquated as "appointment viewing" or "appointment listening" because everything and anything they want is available now, in one form, another, or all of them at once. If there's any brand that imagines an alternate universe where none of this is true, it's Sirius XM. Content is their mantra over at Sirius XM, and there are more than 100 channels to find that content.  Each one littered with a "special" this or an "exclusive" that.  Each … [Read more...]


Getting Sirius about Howard Stern’s Next Step

From Inside Radio: Analysts: Sirius XM “would be fine” without Stern. The satcaster’s high penetration in automobiles and partnerships with carmakers will keep its subscriber rolls strong for years to come, according to analysts. “The company’s in a pretty good position and their operations would be fine and continue even if they lost subscribers because of Stern,” BGB Securities analyst Murray Arenson tells Reuters. Despite the “Where you go Howard, we go” mindset of many of Stern’s fans, Barrington Research analyst James Goss says the listeners who followed Stern to Sirius XM may not be … [Read more...]


It’s not a Digital-or-Radio either-or thing. It’s Both.

Don't take my word for it.  Take the word of Gary Vaynerchuk, a guy who would not exist in the public spotlight were it not for all things digital. Gary, who is now a speaker and mega-entrepreneur and Sirius/XM host and author and former interview subject right here in this blog - in addition to being one of America's best-known wine merchants, makes some important points in this video: It's not the platform, it's the message. And you have to fish where the fish are. And guess what?  Radio provides a very spacious aquarium. … [Read more...]


Howard Stern will stay at Sirius XM

I have no insider information on this topic, but it seems to me overwhelmingly likely that Howard Stern's marriage to Mel Karmazin at Sirius XM will continue for another few years. Here's why: 1.  Less is More on Satellite Radio A little bit of name value goes a long way.  Howard currently works four days a week with plenty of weeks off.  Has this turned off Stern fans?  I doubt it. And Howard seems to want to work less in the future than he does now.  Call it a "slow fade," call it "part-time, call it whatever you want.  But you will not call it "retired." It's very likely that … [Read more...]

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