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Who listens to Podcasts?

According to a recent comScore study, podcast listening (as measured by who downloads what from iTunes) is dominated by Men. And 18-24's are twice as likely to download a podcast as anyone else. Here are some summary stats: Also, says comScore, podcast listeners are more likely to be affluent and college-educated. Can you sell that? … [Read more...]


“The Next Big Ad Medium”

While the title of this Business Week piece is a bit too breathless ($400 million by 2011 doesn't scare the pants off me - yet), you can still slice through the hype to see what's clearly on the horizon: Increased advertising placement in and spending on podcasts, and an ever-easier process to facilitate and enable this advertising thanks to Google and others. In fact, it could well be argued that Google's biggest impact on radio advertising in the short run will be on the podcasting market since that market is ideally suited to the kinds of niche audiences (and I mean "niche" in terms of … [Read more...]


Radio Advertising: What Works and What Doesn’t

A No-Nonsense Marketing Smart Tip November 30, 2006 Yeah, you can wait to see how your ratings respond, but is there any better way to know what advertising works, “what sticks,” and know before you spend the big bucks? And is there any better way to get improved results for your clients – and more of their advertising bucks in the bargain? Well, yes there is. And Rex Briggs has written a book on the subject. Rex is the co-author of What Sticks? Why Advertising Fails and How to Guarantee Yours Succeeds and the founder of Marketing Evolution, a marketing effectiveness, research and consulting … [Read more...]


The Podcasting Revolution will not be televised

More than a year ago I appeared at various podcasting conventions and on various high profile podcast interview programs essentially defending radio from what was widely considered (in those circles) to be the death of radio: podcasting. I made three major points. First, that abundance of podcasts was not the same as interest in podcasts. Second, an unfair proportion of the most popular podcasts - the "hits" if you will - will be from the same big media players that podcasting was supposed to put six feet under. Third, podcasting was radio's friend, not its enemy. For at least two of these … [Read more...]


Marketing Lessons from Starbucks – a Q&A with author John Moore

A No-Nonsense Marketing Smart Tip November 7, 2006 By any measure, Starbucks is hugely successful. And their success is completely rooted in their marketing sensibility. They are insanely in touch with their customers. And there are more than a few lessons we radio marketers can learn. John Moore spent years designing and implementing marketing programs for Starbucks, and he has roasted and steamed his knowledge into a new book: Tribal Knowledge: Business Wisdom Brewed from the Ground of Starbucks Corporate Culture (check out the associated blog and his Brand Autopsy blog, one of the most … [Read more...]


How to ruin a podcast

A while back I signed up for the CBS News Katie Couric podcast. Called at various times "Katie's Notebook," then "Couric's Notebook," now " Notebook," the segment is 60 seconds of Katie on one topic or another. At least it was, until they tagged it with a 30 second pharma ad for erectile dysfunction. So they took a 60 second segment that wasn't great or substantive to begin with and increased its length by 50% with a bad spot. Then they decided to do this every day with the same bad spot. In our zeal to monetize our online content, remember that podcasts are downloaded and played … [Read more...]


“Listeners Don’t Like More Choices” – an Interview with Barry Schwartz

A No-Nonsense Marketing Smart Tip September 27, 2006 Choice is good and more choice is even better, right? It’s one of the founding principles of satellite radio and HD radio. And it's wrong. Some choice is better than none, says Barry Schwartz, a Professor in the Psychology Department at Swarthmore College and the author of an incredible book called The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less. But it does not follow that more choice is better than some choice. Listen to the full 15-minute audio interview and gain an all-new perspective on what "variety" really means to consumers - and what it … [Read more...]


Get your audio keyword here

Profit through podcasting: Several small companies are starting to pitch advertising links using their software that will search every word spoken in Web-borne video soundtracks or Internet audio programs known as podcasts. The new technology, from companies including Podzinger Inc., TVEyes Inc. and Blinkx Inc., uses voice-recognition software to translate spoken words into text or audio-wave forms that can then be searched. Identifying spoken content of audio and video clips results in more-relevant results when using a search engine to look for a particular item or topic. From there it is … [Read more...]

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