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The “Death” of Podcasting?

Valuable piece from the influential blog Mashable about the decline of podcasting and the rise of videocasting...But it really makes the point that it's not really about things declining but rather about choice rising. And there's a sharp point here relevant to the mother-of-all-podcast-sources, radio. It’s an evolution towards choices. If you’re out to start a popular online show, you can’t just make an audio version - you’re going to fall by the wayside....Hell, nearly every podcaster told me that a successful podcast needs a successful and consistent blog. Being able to offer your viewers, … [Read more...]


How to create an “Accidental” Radio Brand

David Vinjamuri teaches at New York University and is president of Third Way Brand Trainers, a marketing training company whose clients include American Express, Starwood Hotels and other leading consumer brands. David formerly was a brand manager at Johnson & Johnson and Coca Cola. Here we discuss David's new book, Accidental Branding, and what it means for radio. What follows is a brief transcript of our conversation. Click below to hear the entire chat. MP3 File David, what is an “accidental brand,” and if it’s accidental, how do you create one? An accidental brand is one that’s … [Read more...]


Radio Trendspotting – an interview with marketing guru Richard Laermer

Richard Laermer is president of RLM Public Relations, a columnist for the Huffington Post, and the author or co-author of numerous marketing bestsellers, including Full Frontal PR, Punk Marketing, and his latest bestseller, 2011: Trend Spotting for the Next Decade. Listen to the complete webcast of my conversation with Richard below. What follows is only a brief excerpt from our conversation. MP3 File Richard, why did you write this book? Well, right now, we’re in this decade of mediocrity. There’s nothing going on – everybody knows this. It’s just a ton of stuff happening, but no bolts … [Read more...]


The latest on Podcasting

I like the new study from Tom Webster at Edison Research on podcasting. Lots of good tidbits here, primarily swirling around this idea: Your station needs to produce podcasts. What the Hell are you waiting for? Usage is growing. Despite, I might add, being handicapped by a horrible label ("podcasting" - as I noted two years ago, much to the consternation of critics at the time). As Tom notes, those who make podcasts are increasingly using different terminology instead (surprise, surprise) - even the so-called "podfather" himself. And speaking of podcasting, here's an introduction in plain … [Read more...]


Kill your Radio Station’s “Sacred Cows”

Beau Fraser is co-author of the new business bestseller, "Death to All Sacred Cows: How Successful Business People Put the Old Rules Out to Pasture." Fraser is also managing director of the international advertising and corporate identity firm The Gate Worldwide. I spoke with him about the themes of the book, and what they mean for the radio industry. Here is the full audio of our conversation. What follows is a heavily edited transcript MP3 File Beau, what is a “sacred cow” in the business world? A “sacred cow” is a rule, a standard, a formula that we, in business, blindly follow because … [Read more...]


Ramsey on “Top Secret Radio”

Thanks to Matt DuBiel over at Top Secret Radio for anchoring a fun interview with me on trends in radio and HD and and why I'm wearing the exact same outfit in every one of my video segments (hint: my closet is tiny). You can browse over there to hear it and see the many other fine interviews (most likely finer than the one featuring me). Or you can click here. … [Read more...]


Make Money from Radio Station Podcasting

Brian Steel is the CEO of VoloMedia, a company that delivers advertising, metrics and reporting solutions for downloadable video and audio. Radio stations, of course, have a big investment in downloadable content in the form of podcasts, and this content can be effectively monetized by companies like Brian’s. Listen to the full audio interview below. What follows is only an abbreviated transcript. MP3 File Brian, what does VoloMedia do? We are building a downloadable media ad network focused on a wide array of content, right now about half audio and half video. Those audio and video … [Read more...]


Why can’t the Radio industry enter the music business?

This is Part 3 of my interview with broadcast attorney David Oxenford. Part 1 focused on the legality of podcasting music (see it here - and listen to the podcast). Part 2 focuses on turning the tables on the labels and extracting the revenue from them that radio airplay deserves. Here comes the final portion, Part 3. What is keeping the radio industry from being in the music business itself? What’s keeping the radio industry from signing its own artists? There has been talk from time to time about radio doing exactly that. You know, now you see all sorts of nontraditional folks getting … [Read more...]

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