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Make Money from Radio Station Podcasting

Brian Steel is the CEO of VoloMedia, a company that delivers advertising, metrics and reporting solutions for downloadable video and audio. Radio stations, of course, have a big investment in downloadable content in the form of podcasts, and this content can be effectively monetized by companies like Brian’s. Listen to the full audio interview below. What follows is only an abbreviated transcript. MP3 File Brian, what does VoloMedia do? We are building a downloadable media ad network focused on a wide array of content, right now about half audio and half video. Those audio and video … [Read more...]


Why can’t the Radio industry enter the music business?

This is Part 3 of my interview with broadcast attorney David Oxenford. Part 1 focused on the legality of podcasting music (see it here - and listen to the podcast). Part 2 focuses on turning the tables on the labels and extracting the revenue from them that radio airplay deserves. Here comes the final portion, Part 3. What is keeping the radio industry from being in the music business itself? What’s keeping the radio industry from signing its own artists? There has been talk from time to time about radio doing exactly that. You know, now you see all sorts of nontraditional folks getting … [Read more...]


It’s time for Radio to charge labels for airplay – legally

This is Part 2 of my interview with broadcast attorney David Oxenford. Part 1 focused on the legality of podcasting music (see it here - and listen to the podcast). Part 3 comes tomorrow. In terms of the additional rights fees that Music First Coalition and others are lobbying for from the radio industry, where does that stand right now? What do you think the odds are of those new rights fees actually moving through Congress and becoming reality? Right now, the radio stations do not pay anything for the use of a particular song to the artist or the copyright holders. They pay only ASCAP, … [Read more...]


Will it ever be legal to podcast music? An interview with attorney David Oxenford – Part I

David Oxenford is one of the authors of the Broadcast Law Blog and a partner with Davis Wright Tremaine, working in radio broadcasting, media, music, and webcasting. Today, Part 1. Coming up... Part 2: It’s time for Radio to charge labels for airplay – legally Part 3: Why can’t the Radio industry enter the music business (hint: They can)? What follows is an abbreviated transcript. I recommend you listen to the audio podcast here for the full impact. MP3 File David, when, if ever, will the labels figure out a way to facilitate the process of podcasting music? When will those rights fees … [Read more...]


The end of All-News radio?

Right now you listen to your local radio station waiting for the specific type of info you want, the weather update, the traffic report, the newscast. Suppose, instead of waiting for the radio to give you the stuff broadcasters think you want, you could get exactly what you want and need - automatically. The type of news stories that interest you, the weather report for your zip code, the traffic for your own personal commute? And suppose it would all be automatically updated wireless audio? Just like radio, but tailored specifically to you? Who needs the All-News station when you've got … [Read more...]


Make your station voice a “star” – an interview with VOX, Inc.’s Wes Stevens

Are all station voices created equal? Not according to Wes Stevens. Wes is president of VOX, Inc., an LA voice talent company – with some very special talent on board. Check out this short interview with Wes. The transcript below is highlights-only. MP3 File Wes, what’s different about the voices you represent? Mark, we represent a wide array of celebrities. A-list, B-list, as well as pop culture celebrities and scale performers. So it’s both names you would and wouldn’t recognize. I’ve always been amazed that many of the most popular voices on television but not on radio are, as you say, … [Read more...]


Now, hear2.0 has its own ‘station voice’

I talk a lot about content. I talk a lot about the magic of radio. Well, folks, the magic happens between the songs if it happens at all. Here's a little magic for you. Introducing the new hear2.0 "station voice." It's hear2.0's new audio logo. And it's a voice you will recognize. Particularly if you grew up dazzled by the movies produced by Steven Spielberg. This new audio logo will front all my podcasts from now on because it sets exactly the tone I'm trying to achieve: Something clever, something special, something different, something familiar, … [Read more...]


Does podcasting increase your on-air audience?

At least one survey says so. From the UK: of respondents saying they now listen to more live radio and nearly one-third [say] they listen to new radio shows after sampling them via podcasts. Only 8% of those surveyed said they listened to less radio because of the availability of podcasts. Of the 4.3 million who have downloaded podcasts, around 1.87 million people listen to at least one podcast each week. Two-thirds of podcast listeners subscribe to their favourite shows through iTunes, with nearly half tuning in during the evening. Of these, 80% listen through their computers and … [Read more...]

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