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Kevin Smith should be on the Radio

Kevin Smith is most famous as a movie director and writer – the creator of films like Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma, and the recent Red State. But I wanted to talk to him because of his radio work – or, more accurately, his podcasts. With more than 300,000 monthly downloads of some shows, merchandise, live performances, TV spinoffs and more, Kevin has built an entertainment mecca. Isn’t this exactly the sort of personality radio needs to tap into? Listen to my conversation with Kevin: [iframe … [Read more...]


Our Podcasts are a Mess – Here’s how to Make Them Better

Most broadcasters get the logic for providing audio content online by streaming and on-demand. We focus a lot on streaming because it's most analogous to what we do on the air, but we don't focus much on the function of people searching for audio content they want and consuming it on their own timetable.  Whether we call this "podcasting" or something else, it doesn't matter.  It remains something that many stations do, but very few do particularly well. Why do so many stations do this so poorly?  Because they don't know what it takes to do it well.  They don't know the best … [Read more...]


AOL’s Late Night Podcast Promotion Begins

AOL Late Night.... The radio initiative that should have been and never was. Three of the most popular podcasts (you know, those shows that service the same needs that radio shows do) are now exclusively on AOL. I griped about this earlier this week, so 'nuff said. Meanwhile reports AOL also just hired Heidi Klum and Full Picture Entertainment, the production company behind Project Runway, to produce “engaging video content, inspiring articles, addictive blogs (and) instructional photo galleries" for the site. This is called the "content business." And … [Read more...]


AOL is in the (Radio) Talent Business Now

Dear Radio Industry: Please explain to me why this deal is being done by AOL instead of you: AOL will on Monday launch a late-night video block featuring highlights from podcasts by director Kevin Smith and comedians Adam Carolla and Kevin Pollak. "The idea is to take these very popular podcasts with their very rabid audiences and find a platform-appropriate way to create a programming block," said Amber Lawson, AOL's head of programming. "We want to tap into their audiences and create video content that is consumable in one- to five-minute chunks." ...AOL will likely add more … [Read more...]


Pandora Today and Tomorrow – Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy (Part 2)

This is part two of my two-part conversation with Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy (you can find part one here). By far the best known player in the online radio field, Pandora has now topped 75 million registered users.  And with its introduction into Detroit's auto cycle the obvious question is:  How high is up? Here are some of the questions Joe and I address in this conversation: Just how customized is Pandora's advertising? How critical is that initial registration in providing value to advertisers? How much of the advertising is national, regional, and local? What can terrestrial … [Read more...]


Pandora Today and Tomorrow – Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy (Part 1)

The week after online radio leader Pandora announces a slew of new automaker deals and releases news that they have topped 75 million registered users it's time to ask the question:  Where do they go from here? I sat down with Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy for a very special two-part conversation (watch for part 2 tomorrow). Here are some of the questions we discussed in today's chat: How is Pandora in cars going to roll out and what will it mean to consumers? How important is ease of use and what is "mean time to music"? In cars, how often do consumers use Pandora and what needs does … [Read more...]


How Change will Transform Media

We all know things are changing and changing fast. But what's the best way for broadcasters to cope with that change and leverage it to their advantage? Pip Coburn knows the answer. Pip is head of Coburn Ventures, a change advisor to major investors and corporations worldwide. He's also the author of a book that analyzes the DNA of change and how to leverage it: The Change Function: Why Some Technologies Take Off and Others Crash and Burn. Pip and his team are truly sharp analysts of change, and his way of looking at our world will startle you. Don't think in terms of … [Read more...]


A Lesson in “Delivering Happiness” from Zappos

Tony Hsieh is the CEO of the terrifically successful online shoe and clothing store Zappos. He’s also the author of a brand new book called Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose. I talked with Tony about his new book, how to "deliver happiness," and what it all means for folks who work in radio. Listen to this podcast for our full conversation.  What follows is only an excerpted transcript. MP3 File [audio:] [You can find all the Mark Ramsey Media Podcasts at iTunes] Tony, one … [Read more...]

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