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How Change will Transform Media

We all know things are changing and changing fast. But what's the best way for broadcasters to cope with that change and leverage it to their advantage? Pip Coburn knows the answer. Pip is head of Coburn Ventures, a change advisor to major investors and corporations worldwide. He's also the author of a book that analyzes the DNA of change and how to leverage it: The Change Function: Why Some Technologies Take Off and Others Crash and Burn. Pip and his team are truly sharp analysts of change, and his way of looking at our world will startle you. Don't think in terms of … [Read more...]


A Lesson in “Delivering Happiness” from Zappos

Tony Hsieh is the CEO of the terrifically successful online shoe and clothing store Zappos. He’s also the author of a brand new book called Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose. I talked with Tony about his new book, how to "deliver happiness," and what it all means for folks who work in radio. Listen to this podcast for our full conversation.  What follows is only an excerpted transcript. MP3 File [audio:] [You can find all the Mark Ramsey Media Podcasts at iTunes] Tony, one … [Read more...]


Adam Carolla’s Guide to Podcasting Success – Part 2: The Money

This is Part 2 of my conversation with podcaster extraordinaire Adam Carolla. Yesterday we covered Part 1 - The Fame.  Today we have part of the story that turns fifty million downloads into cold hard cash. The full podcast audio of our conversation is available here.  Check it out. [audio:] And now, Part 2... Now, you are heavily involved in the monetization of your assets. You actually are able to derive real revenue for what it is that you do. How did you pull that off?  We went into this … [Read more...]


Adam Carolla’s Guide to Podcasting Success – Part 1: The Fame

Adam Carolla is the host of the world famous Adam Carolla podcast available, surprisingly enough, at  With more than 50 million downloads in its first year and the honor of iTunes’ “Best Audio Podcast of 2009,” Adam has achieved almost unparalleled success by taking his one-time radio show to an all-digital audience.  So what are Adam’s secrets of digital audio success, and how can you learn from them? The answers are here in truncated form, but I’d encourage you to listen to the audio podcast for the full conversation – including all the funny references to Chuck … [Read more...]


Making Marketing with Meaning – Agency Strategist Bob Gilbreath speaks out on Radio – Part 1

Bob Gilbreath is the author of a new book called The Next Evolution of Marketing: Connect with Your Customers by Marketing with Meaning. With a background in brand management at Proctor & Gamble, the world’s largest advertiser, Gilbreath is also chief marketing strategist at Bridge Worldwide, one of the nation’s largest digital ad agencies and part of WPP. Click below for my full Q&A with Gilbreath.  What follows is a highly edited transcript of our conversation. Part 1 runs today, part 2 tomorrow. MP3 File (Note:  Subscribe to all hear2.0 podcasts on iTunes here) Bob, … [Read more...]


Navigating Radio’s “New Normal” – A Conversation with Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a well-known marketing sage and the author of many books, including Purple Cow, New Edition: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable--Includes new bonus chapter, Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, and more.  Seth’s new book is out now, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? I talked with Seth as part of a series of conversations to introduce the new book, summarized here.  I have talked with Seth about the future of Radio before. This time, Radio’s future takes a back seat to the future … [Read more...]


Radio’s Secrets of Socialnomics – Q&A with author Erik Qualman

Erik Qualman is the author of a terrific new book called Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business . He also blogs at  Click below for the full and unedited audio Q&A with Erik.  The transcript which follows is abbreviated. And for more interviews with marketing gurus like this one, subscribe at iTunes. MP3 FileErik, what is “socialnomics,” exactly?  Socialnomics is really simple. It’s just any exponential return that both people and businesses derive from social media.  So, obviously you get a return, but then … [Read more...]


But it’s only a Podcast, right?

So what began as a free-to-the-world podcast... ...turns into one of the most popular podcasts in the world (at which time, the creator of that podcast, Ricky Gervais, talks with yours truly). Then it is produced in audiobook form for a fee. And then that very same audio content - which is highly non-topical and thus timeless - is animated and turned into an HBO series set to debut in 2010. This is what you can do when the content is strong enough to support leveraging that content every which way. This is what you can do when your aspiration is greater than fulfilling the most meager … [Read more...]

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