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From Radio Promotion to Talk of the Town

When is a promotion more than a promotion? When it cascades into the talk of the town. So it seems to be for the folks at US 93.3, er... US ?3.3, who "lost the 9" in their station name and are on a hunt to recover it with the help of the Ft. Wayne community. This is a story, not simply a promotion. And one which invites interest and participation (what the digital folks call "engagement") from thousands of listeners. It is a campaign woven across every platform, even including some very clever videos modeled after a certain NBC TV show set in an office. Here's a recent … [Read more...]


Your Radio Station is Not Different Enough

There's differentiation - and then there's meaningful differentiation.  Real differentiation. Most of what passes for differentiation in radio (or on the supermarket shelf, for that matter) is not differentiation at all. Rather, these are shades of sameness.  And in the eyes (and ears) of consumers the stark differences that mean so much to you and me are invisible (and inaudible). So how do you create not just difference but meaningful difference? Watch this video and find out. [iframe 500 281] Prefer … [Read more...]


The Secret to Attracting Attention

"The key to getting and holding attention is having something new happen continually." So writes Nancy Duarte in her terrific book Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences. What are you doing to earn attention? Remember, attention is earned, not forced.  Promotion may be designed to result in attention, but attention is the audience's gift to you, not a toll you levy on them that they are forced to pay.  People must give it willingly and only because you deserve it. So what are you doing to earn - rather than force - attention? If the key is to have something … [Read more...]


What Listeners Really Want

Broadcasters are increasingly aware that - even in a PPM-rated world - it's not enough to cling to listening occasions like they're life rafts in a vast and dangerous ocean. You can only keep people listening for so long when you eliminate turn-offs. Eventually you need to focus on turn-ons - things that will bring listeners back again and again. Remember, eliminating turn-offs has nothing to do with bringing back listeners because they are deaf to your turn-offs when they have already turned you off. If listeners are bees, what's your honey?  What do listeners really want? That's … [Read more...]


Smarter, Faster, Cheaper Marketing Strategies for your Media Brand

David Siteman Garland is on a mission - a mission to help you market and promote your business (or media brand) smarter, faster, and cheaper. David's blog, The Rise to the Top, is a wealth of useful information on how to do just that, and he has written a brand new book: Smarter, Faster, Cheaper: Non-Boring, Fluff-Free Strategies for Marketing and Promoting Your Business. How can a media brand leverage the power of technology and social media to ramp up its influence?  Watch this conversation with David and find out. Almost single-handedly, David has crafted a media empire of his own, … [Read more...]


“Every Business is a Media Business”

Unless you understand the forces changing business today, there is no tomorrow for you. This short podcast from the Harvard Business Review covers many of the themes you will read about in this blog in succinct fashion.  It's all about the convergence of technology, media, and business. The featured guest is Larry Kramer, founder and former chairman and CEO of MarketWatch, Inc., and author of C-Scape: Conquer the Forces Changing Business Today. The core of it is a call for companies to understand what business they're really in based on what their consumers really want and how they … [Read more...]


You’re in the Experience Business

If the average broadcaster (and I mean the average one) ran Starbucks, what would that experience be like? Would it be even remotely like the one in your own neighborhood Starbucks? I strongly suspect that the average broadcaster would be providing the same coffee varieties they offered when they first tasted success years ago. They would be doing the same promotions, assuming they had the budget to do any promotions at all. The decor inside the store would be unchanged. They would furiously taste-test the coffees asking consumers how they could make this or that variety taste … [Read more...]


How to Spread your Message

You can learn a lot from Twitter - and not just about Twitter, but also about how to spread messages about anything to anyone any way. Dan Zarella has studied what makes folks share content on Twitter and his takeaways can apply more broadly to any message you want to spread, no matter how you want to spread it. Here are his key points, from Scarcity rules. Tweets that center on news — particularly urgent information — are more likely to be retweeted. Content that is informative or entertaining also spreads well because these qualities are relatively rare. More mundane … [Read more...]

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