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NPR’s New Ability to Power Streaming Monetization

NPR's recent deal with Triton Digital is more than a means of measuring webcast metrics.  It's also an important step in the direction of monetizing NPR's streaming content and sharing that revenue potential and that power with affiliate stations. Listen as I talk with Jay Sterin, Triton's VP Digital, about what the new capabilities of NPR's streaming assets will mean to the the network and its affiliates alike: [iframe 500 166] Alternate … [Read more...]


Dan Mason – “What Differentiates Radio is what Personalities Bring to the Table”

So is radio's future something that happens "between the songs" or across a variety of traditional and digital platforms? Dan Mason thinks the answer is "both," and of course, he's right. Dan is the president and CEO of CBS Radio and has great advice for any broadcaster trying to strike the balance between their on-air tradition and their digital future. What follows is an abbreviated transcript of our chat.  For the full conversation tune in to the video or the audio. Watch: [iframe 500 281] Prefer … [Read more...]


Can Your AM Station Earn 20X More Than Average?

Barry Leffler says you can. Barry is CEO of WCHL in Chapel Hill, NC, and, WCHL's community-oriented site which is exploding in revenue and earning WCHL roughly twenty-times what a typical AM station might earn in digital as a percentage of total revenue. How does Barry do it? And how can you? Those are the questions we cover in this important conversation. Watch: [iframe 500 281] Prefer audio?  Try … [Read more...]


Don’t Simulcast your On-Air and Online Radio Spots

Talk to many broadcasters and you'll hear a common refrain:  We wish we could simulcast our on-air spots with our online ones and bundle those impressions in one Arbitron number. Well, be careful what you wish for. AFTRA rules get in the way of simulcasting these spots on-air and online in the US, but in the UK there is no such restriction and broadcasters are free to simulcast spots or split them as they wish.  Historically, most have simulcasted. But now that is beginning to change. Clive Dickens has this piece of advice for any US broadcaster hoping to lump these spots … [Read more...]


How to Build an Authentically Great Radio Brand

What is a "lifestyle brand"? A "lifestyle brand" is your radio brand.  Even if we too often perceive it as nothing more than a "playlist with ornaments."  Twist the music mix, add some imaging and some liners, and voila!  Radio brand! Not so, says Sean Gailey, and he's one to know. Sean is "Creative Overlord" (don't you love that title?) of JINX, a clothing and lifestyle brand built around self-described "geeks and gamers." Sean spends every day balancing the growth of his brand with the core values on which that growth depends.  Watch the way he talks about the decisions he makes … [Read more...]


Conquering Fear in Fast-Changing Times

In today's wild world of broadcasting, challenges and fears are around every corner. How do we battle those fears and challenges, given that they are an inescapable part of the innovation process? How do we follow our passions and make a difference within our organizations in a time of such turbulent change while facing these fears head-on? That's why I talked to Ishita Gupta.  Ishita knows a thing or two about innovation and fear. She is founder of the terrific online magazine Fear.less and the head of Media and Hoopla for Seth Godin's Domino Project. Watch this short … [Read more...]


Is Cost-Per-Point the Enemy of Radio Innovation?

This is Part 2 of my conversation with Kaihaan Jamshidi, the Director of Strategy for Method, a brand experience, design, and innovation company and works with major companies like Nordstrom, Time Warner, AOL, TED, and many more. Today we get deeper into the future of advertising on radio, and why the antiquated notion of media buying is an obstacle to innovation. What follows is a highly edited version of our chat.  Click below for Part 2 of the complete (and fascinating) interview. [iframe 500 281] Prefer … [Read more...]


How to Innovate the Radio Experience

Kaihaan Jamshidi is the Director of Strategy for Method, a brand experience, design, and innovation company and works with major companies like Nordstrom, Time Warner, AOL, TED, and many more. What happens when a specialist in brand experience and innovation looks under radio’s hood?  That's the question I set out to answer in this first of a two-part conversation (Part 2 will post tomorrow). Today we look at innovating the radio experience.  Tomorrow we get deeper into the future of advertising on radio, and why the antiquated notion of media buying is an obstacle to innovation. What … [Read more...]

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