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The Two Critical Opposing Forces Shaping Radio’s Future

There are two critical and opposing forces shaping radio's future. I call them: "All for one" and "one for all." The traditional radio model is neither "all for one" nor "one for all." It's really "all for all," the idea that, however we define "all," it's the same "all" for everyone in the same linear sequence. It has to be that way because the traditional model is a slave to "reach," and being enslaved to reach in a linear platform like radio means you must make most of the people happy most of the time, assuming their options for greater satisfaction are severely … [Read more...]


What’s ahead for Pandora? CTO Tom Conrad talks to Mark Ramsey

Tom Conrad is the CTO of Pandora, and this conversation - from hivio 2013, the inaugural radio ideas festival - is the first public response of Pandora following Apple's introduction of iTunes Radio. Here are some of the questions I asked Tom: How has Apple’s introduction of iTunes Radio changed the calculus for Pandora? Are you personally surprised by how big Pandora has become? Why has Pandora become so big and not its many competitors? What’s your secret sauce? Are there any plans to add spoken work/talk content to the platform? Are there any plans to add local traffic, … [Read more...]


Thank you, Apple!

It's hard to speculate on Apple's "iRadio" before there's an "iRadio" to speculate on. But one day it will be announced any day now, so here goes nothing. Conventional wisdom says: Yikes, Apple is big! Pandora and Spotify are screwed! Yes, Apple is a Big Fish. But companies like Pandora and Spotify already face down Google and Amazon - firms with footprints as big and broad as Apple's. Even though their music platforms can't compare to Apple's their advantages are extensive in many other areas that nurture the ties these companies have with their consumers. And it's the strength of … [Read more...]


Is Pandora “the Greatest Media of All Time”? Q&A with Ric Militi – Part 2

Ric Militi is CEO and Creative Director of InnoVision LLC, a leading independent Southern California “anti-agency” (they don’t “buy” radio, for example, they “invest” in it), and he has strong feelings on radio’s place in the mediasphere. If you read no other part of this interview, skip to the last few paragraphs. This is Part 2 of our conversation. Find Part 1 here. Watch the video of our conversation or check out the highly abbreviated transcript below. [iframe 500 281] Prefer audio? Try … [Read more...]


What Radio can learn from ABC TV

A few days ago ABC announced that they would begin live streaming content in two major markets with more to follow on a new app called WatchABC. NPR reports: ABC and other networks have long allowed you to watch their prime-time shows online after they air on TV, but ABC is the first broadcast over-the-air network to let you watch their live feed — including local news, daytime talk shows and prime-time dramas. Over the next few months, it will expand to cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. Eventually, ABC expects most of its affiliates will be onboard. Is it the … [Read more...]


“Pandora Helps Apple Sell More Music”

Maybe it's time to stop asking Pandora how they feel about Apple's pending entry into the streaming radio marketplace and start asking Spotify the same question. So argues GigaOm in this piece. And just-released data from the NPD Group tell the tale: One third (38 percent) of U.S. consumers surveyed reported that it is still important to own music, and 30 percent believe that listening to albums is important. Among consumers who listened to music on Pandora and other free music-streaming services, 41 percent reported that owning music was important to them; in fact, many free streamers … [Read more...]

No More Radios in Cars.001

Radios Ripped from New Cars? “Not So Fast,” say Consumers

You can climb down from the ceiling now, Mr. Broadcaster - it turns out new cars will feature FM/AM radios built-in for the foreseeable future (although certainly not forever). The logic of this should be obvious to us all, but particularly obvious for anyone who bothers to talk with consumers. And I did. Between March 9 and March 10 2013, I fielded a random, balanced, national online study of 1,000 consumers and asked how they feel about those radios in their cars - and how they'd feel if they disappeared. Each chart shows five rating points, from "DISAGREE" to "AGREE." First … [Read more...]


What 4G LTE Internet Access in your Car means for Radio

In the race to exploit new digital opportunities, Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker describes three "consumer Internet 'white spaces' yet to be re-imagined." Two of them are the "ear" and the car. And she describes the latter as "largely untapped." "Untapped" no more. Consider today's automotive news headlines: General Motors Co. is expected to announce today a partnership with AT&T that will bring embedded 4G LTE mobile Internet access into most 2015 GM vehicles sold in the U.S. and Canada. The Detroit automaker said the rollout, which first will be available to consumers in … [Read more...]

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