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12 Satisfying Seconds of Advertising

So I'm listening to Pandora on my home audio/TV system via my Blu-Ray DVD player. I was tuned in for about an hour as I read a book, listening to my custom-made Holiday music channel (lest you think I'm seasonally appropriate, I am that guy who listens to this kind of stuff all year long.  Yes, I am that guy). After about thirty minutes, I heard and saw my first ad.  It was for Glade's Winter Collection, a line of products designed with the Holiday consumer in mind and in its bullseye.  The spot ran for 12 seconds.  It was matched to the tone of the channel, matched to the visual "album … [Read more...]


Radio is about to Make a Very Bad Bet

Theoretically it makes all the sense in the world: The labels want higher licensing fees from radio?  Fine, then radio wants a faster and easier path between its past and its future. Sounds good - assuming radio has any sense whatsoever as to where its future lies.  Unfortunately, recent history has indicated that nothing could be further from the truth. From Radio Ink: Under the terms approved by the Radio Board, broadcast stations that play music would pay between .25 percent and 1 percent of net revenues. A law requiring cellphones to include a radio chip -- with an "acceptable … [Read more...]


Now who Rules the Air?

Hint:  It's not Verizon. A picture is worth more than a thousand words. There's nothing "hot" about this air. As an industry we need to get our heads around this one critical truth: The torch has been passed.  The baton is no longer in your hand.  You are not in control. You don't rule the air.  You are merely the custodian for whatever attention the rulers of the air choose to give you. Now and forevermore. … [Read more...]

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Is Radio Waving its Future Goodbye?

From Bloomberg: By early next year, Ford Motor Co. will be shipping Fiesta cars with software that operates Pandora via voice controls. Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz is promoting the radio service in vehicles, and Pioneer Electronics sells car stereos that include Pandora. The advantage of Pandora is marketers can target users based on age, gender, home ZIP code and musical taste, letting them deliver more relevant ads than what’s possible on regular radio, said Scott Kelly, digital marketing manager at Ford, which is also advertising on Pandora. “It’s very intimate,” Kelly said in an … [Read more...]


WHY there’s an “App for That”

The best argument for why you - or your clients, for that matter - could benefit from their own branded app is not "because everyone seems to have one" or "because my competitor has one." Nor is it because "I have to get my stream on a mobile device." The best argument is because mobile devices and the applications which power their potentialities are central to the experience of consumers, especially the younger ones who have never known a world without them. And that argument is well-framed in this presentation from Marta Kagan. But keep this in mind:  It's not about being on … [Read more...]


“Being There” is Overrated

From Seth Godin: Ubiquitous distribution is overrated Some industries (like book publishers and analgesic makers) believe that they best serve their audience when the product is available everywhere. It's pretty rare to find a book that's only available in one chain of bookstores, or a pain reliever that's only in one sort of drugstore. The thing is, scarcity creates value. You can't get a Pepsi at McDonald's. You can't buy Hermes at Target. By limiting choice, you can create value. Exclusivity is often underrated. The significance of this for an audience of broadcasters can't be … [Read more...]


The Danger to Terrestrial Radio posed by Internet Radio in Cars

One third of radio listeners would listen less to local radio if they had easy access to Internet Radio built into their cars. That's one of the alarming statistics from a recent national study I conducted in conjunction with VIP Research. In the study, which was a national survey of more than 2,000 radio listeners covering 22 markets, I asked this question: If tomorrow you could get Internet access from the dashboard of your car and you could listen to thousands of radio stations from all over the world through an Internet receiver on your dash as easy to use as your radio, would … [Read more...]


The Day After FM chips come to Mobile Phones…

What happens to your world if FM radio chips are installed on mobile phones? Not much, probably.  But here are two unintended consequences to consider. For a full blow-by-blow look at the implications for FM chips in mobile phones, read this. … [Read more...]

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