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How Radio can Compete Against Facebook

Dear Radio Brands:Are your clients including Facebook as an important part of their media strategy - not just as an inexpensive way to reach and connect with fans but as a place to spend ad dollars which might otherwise go to radio?Recent changes to Facebook's algorithm mean that a smaller-than-ever fraction of fans will see the content your clients post in their newsfeeds. The consequences of this are huge and are summarized in an excellent piece in Business2Community.As of now, only the brand's most engaged fans - the folks who interact with a publisher's posts - will get those … [Read more...]


Radio: You’re Messing Up on Facebook

Now that I have argued how Facebook has – and will continue to – gradually “un-like” your radio brand by blocking more of your content from the news feeds of fans who “like” your page, it’s time for me to remind you why Facebook is not only a great place for you to invest effort, but one you could do a lot more with.I argued that you should invest more effort in building your own email list – and indeed you should. But is this sufficient?No.Here’s why you still need Facebook: Because that’s where everybody is and that’s where everybody shares.Even my post critical of Facebook … [Read more...]


Facebook is No Waste of Marketing Dollars

"A display ad on Facebook is a lifeless emotionless waste of marketing dollars." That's how one radio industry analyst colorfully put it.Although one might ask exactly where isn't a simple "display ad" a "lifeless emotionless waste of marketing dollars"?  And just how emotion-packed and full of life is a Google ad?  Yet that would hardly be called a "waste."The debate over the wisdom or foolishness of advertising on Facebook is wrong-headed and self-serving and replete with too much premature chest-thumping and grave-dancing.So GM drops a chump-change investment in Facebook … [Read more...]


How many Facebook “Likes” does YOUR Format have?

Which formats are most successful at attracting Facebook "likes" to their pages?The chart above provides some insight.  It's based on data gathered by Fred Stiening for and it depicts the top 20 format categories ranked by the number of Facebook "likes."Fred is quick to acknowledge that these data may not be perfect or perfectly up-to-date or completely comprehensive.  But if they are close to the truth, and I suspect they are, there are some interesting takeaways.First, it's obvious that the formats that attract the most "likes" tend to be either more … [Read more...]


The New Face(book) of Advertising

Changes are coming to the capabilities of advertising on Facebook.From Fast Company: First, Facebook is making the new ads social by default, meaning they will automatically show users when their friends have already Liked the advertiser. And the new formats will draw their content exclusively from posts to brands' Facebook Pages, rather from advertising copy written independently.Combined, these features make two statements about where Facebook believes the future of online advertising lies--at least in its particular universe. It is saying that ads based on content, rather than … [Read more...]

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