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Radio’s Time-Spent-Listening Fix (Hint: Don’t Hold your Breath)

Radio time-spent-listening (TSL) is declining. This is something I've been writing about for a long time, yet many broadcasters stubbornly refuse to face up to the consequences of this fact, preferring instead to take refuge in stable audience cumes over time. Even if audience usage was not eroding, we would still be facing an erosion of advertising support as marketers move dollars to digital options - some in the radiosphere, many not. The time to stick one's head in the sand is over. From Inside Radio: Radio’s cume is fine, but average quarter hour listening is on the … [Read more...]


How to be “Different” – Part 2

Youngmee Moon is the author of Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd – one of my favorite books of 2010. Youngmee is a professor at the Harvard Business School and author of many world-famous Harvard Business School case studies. This is the second and final part of our conversation. You can read part one or check out the complete audiocast here. You can also subscribe to all the Mark Ramsey Media podcasts at iTunes. Youngmee, you’re saying that just because we can measure a difference doesn’t mean that difference is meaningful to consumers. Exactly. That’s exactly … [Read more...]


A Facebook Promotion that’s actually about Ratings

From one of Dial Global's "Simply About Music" (SAM) affiliates, courtesy of Beau Phillips: There's a SAM affiliate in Illinois that's been with Dial Global for a couple years.  Over the last year, the station had flattened out in the ratings. Earlier this year, we developed a plan to get some street buzz for the station. Like most stations they had no money for promotions. On Fridays instead of calling the station SAM, we rename it after a "facebook fan" that we select....its called FACEBOOK FAN FRIDAYS. We re-do new imaging for the station every Friday, calling it stuff like "Tina … [Read more...]


Your Brand Must Create a Lasting Impression

It's really the essence of branding. Creating an impression which lasts. This is forgotten when we obsess on legendary call letters even when the legend is only in our minds, not the audience's. It's forgotten when we focus on today and don't bother to build for audiences yet to come. A great brand is like a PIXAR movie (and most PIXAR movies are, indeed, great brands) - it's always fresh and worth enjoying again for reasons anew. I was having a conversation with a big-time radio producer and programmer, recently, and I asked "where is the up-and-coming young radio … [Read more...]

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