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How to Get More Listening Occasions

"We need more occasions." That's the kind of radio industry jargon that we can thank PPM for. Where once all of our focus was (quite wrongly) on trimming out everything that could possibly be conceived of as "clutter," the trend nowadays is to look at an even more important issue: Keeping people tuned in is not enough.  You also have to bring them back. And cutting the clutter doesn't do that.  Because you don't know what you're not hearing, whether it's cluttered or not. Indeed the idea of "going back to" a station is completely different than the idea of "staying tuned to" … [Read more...]


Radio: Be Like Mario

There is no better excuse for poor performance on the stuff that really matters than "it's not in the budget." That's because the stuff that really matters has no budget line. Just ask Mario. He's the manager of my local neighborhood Dairy Queen. “Welcome,” he cried from the back corner as I stepped inside. Was he talking to me? “It’s nice to see you again!” Wow, I haven’t been in here in many weeks. “Hello!” shouted various members of his staff as they bustled around the floor making one yummy ice cream delight after another. All of this was for me.  And not just for … [Read more...]


What are you “Famous” for?

In our zeal to stand for so much, we too often end up standing for nothing at all. What are you famous for?  Can you fit it into one thought - one idea - and one sentence? Is it unique and special?  Is it magnetic to your consumers?  Is it at all magical? Watch this video which spells out the problem and the solution using a true-to-life example of a brand you'll be glad isn't yours (I hope). [iframe 500 281] Prefer audio?  Try this: (You can subscribe to all the MRM video and audio via iTunes and … [Read more...]


From Radio Promotion to Talk of the Town

When is a promotion more than a promotion? When it cascades into the talk of the town. So it seems to be for the folks at US 93.3, er... US ?3.3, who "lost the 9" in their station name and are on a hunt to recover it with the help of the Ft. Wayne community. This is a story, not simply a promotion. And one which invites interest and participation (what the digital folks call "engagement") from thousands of listeners. It is a campaign woven across every platform, even including some very clever videos modeled after a certain NBC TV show set in an office. Here's a recent … [Read more...]

Starbucks from the Street

You’re in the Experience Business

If the average broadcaster (and I mean the average one) ran Starbucks, what would that experience be like? Would it be even remotely like the one in your own neighborhood Starbucks? I strongly suspect that the average broadcaster would be providing the same coffee varieties they offered when they first tasted success years ago. They would be doing the same promotions, assuming they had the budget to do any promotions at all. The decor inside the store would be unchanged. They would furiously taste-test the coffees asking consumers how they could make this or that variety taste … [Read more...]


How to Unlock the Hearts and Minds of your Consumers

Earlier this week I posted a conversation with marketing change agent Tom Asacker about radio. I actually had two conversations with Tom.  One specifically about radio and the other a broader deep dive into the themes of his new book, Opportunity Screams: Unlocking Hearts and Minds in Today's Idea Economy. Our second conversation will be used on Tom's blog and elsewhere online and is aimed at a much wider audience.  Because this book is so good and because Tom is such a sharp analyst of opportunity in all its marketing shapes and flavors, I wanted to share this conversation with you, … [Read more...]


Opportunity Screams for Radio – Talking with Tom Asacker

Tom Asacker is one of my favorite marketing change-makers.  He is a popular speaker around the world and works directly with the marketing teams at numerous Fortune 500 corporations.  He is also author of some terrific books, including his latest, Opportunity Screams: Unlocking Hearts and Minds in Today's Idea Economy. Listen to our entire conversation here (it's worth it) - or subscribe to all the Mark Ramsey Media podcasts in audio or video at iTunes. Tom, Opportunity Screams present us with three doors that must be unlocked in order to experience the opportunity that awaits us.  … [Read more...]


Did you bake “Desire” into your Brand?

Recently I caught up with my friend Tom Asacker (who has a great new book coming out, by the way - more about Opportunity Screams in this blog soon). We were discussing my belief that, contrary to common belief in the radio industry, awareness for a radio brand is produced by passion for that radio brand, not vice versa.  Yes, you read that right.  Passion first - awareness follows. Or, as Tom puts it, "desire stimulates interest." And desire doesn't come because of unlimited advertising or clever promotion. Desire comes because of what's literally baked into the product itself.  Then … [Read more...]

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