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Spreading the Message of Radio

Are You Set Up to Share or to Fail?

Although I quote my friend Seth Godin regularly, I rarely repost his thoughts in their entirety.  Today I am going to make an exception for a post which is, in every way, exceptional: Horizontal marketing isn't a new idea.  But it is the new reality for just about every organization. Vertical marketing means the marketer (the one with money) is in charge. Vertical marketing starts at the top and involves running ads, sending out direct mail and pushing hype through the media. Your money, your plans, your control. It might not work, but generally the worst outcome is that you will be … [Read more...]


How to Brand Like a Rock Star

Steve Jones is the VP of Programming for Newcap Radio, one of Canada’s largest radio groups. He’s also the author of a new book called Brand Like A Rock Star: Lessons from Rock 'n Roll to Make Your Business Rich and Famous (website) and this book teaches how any brand can learn the lessons of rock superstars to make those brands more effective. I talked with Steve about the book and how we can turn these lessons back home towards radio.  Watch this video of our conversation: [iframe 500 281] Prefer audio?  Try … [Read more...]


The Power of a Title

It was the best ratings debut for a new series in the history of Animal Planet. And the name of the show was Hillbilly Handfishin'. In the ocean of choices on cable TV, how does one series stand out from the rest, particularly if folks are making their viewing choices from an on-screen guide? The answer:  Start with a great title. How do you prove that?  "I don't have to," says Animal Planet's president Marjorie Kaplan in Fast Company: Just say it three times and it's true.  In a world where people are scrolling through [programming guides] and you never have enough marketing … [Read more...]


What Makes Radio Matter

So the other day I was in Barnes & Noble for the first time in a long time.  What a revelation! Where are the DVD's?!  Gone!  And the music?  Gone!  Both replaced by a wide variety of "learning toys."  Meanwhile the "Nook" section was expanded and moved to the center of the store, complete with ultra-contemporary Apple-like design aesthetic. Remember when the bookstore sold books (and music and movies)?  That was back when B&N competed against my dearly departed Borders, the bookseller that once subcontracted their online store to a little company called Amazon. As I looked … [Read more...]


How to Build an Authentically Great Radio Brand

What is a "lifestyle brand"? A "lifestyle brand" is your radio brand.  Even if we too often perceive it as nothing more than a "playlist with ornaments."  Twist the music mix, add some imaging and some liners, and voila!  Radio brand! Not so, says Sean Gailey, and he's one to know. Sean is "Creative Overlord" (don't you love that title?) of JINX, a clothing and lifestyle brand built around self-described "geeks and gamers." Sean spends every day balancing the growth of his brand with the core values on which that growth depends.  Watch the way he talks about the decisions he makes … [Read more...]


9 Ways to Transform Your Radio Brand

You can never have enough tips about how to craft a great brand, and here's a great distillation of those tips from brandSTOKE. The presentation is called "9 criteria for brand essence," and it's required viewing for every broadcaster who cares to make their brand more than a distribution channel for somebody else's content. [iframe 425 355] [Note: if the link is invisible then just click on the post title to view the presentation on the web] The 9 criteria are: 1. Unique 2. Intangible 3. … [Read more...]


Your Audience is People – Not PPM Gadgets

It's easy to make the mistake - the one that confuses PPM gadgets with flesh-and-blood people. So much of our success and failure hinges on ratings, we forget that ratings don't exist without people.  And worshiping ratings without worshiping the red-blooded people it takes to make those ratings isn't just putting the proverbial cart before the horse, it's imagining the cart doesn't even need the horse. That's what I address in this video. Ultimately, media products and services built for PPM rather than for people will... Be devoid of heart or soul Be built for the next quarter … [Read more...]


10 Lessons for Radio from Starbucks’ Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz is the CEO of Starbucks, and you probably know that Starbucks has emerged recently from a dark period of declining sales, store closings, and layoffs.  The company is back now, stronger than ever.  And Schultz tells the tale in his new book Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul. I'm going to pluck out some of the lessons Schultz learned because they couldn't be more appropriate for an audience of broadcasters. Think about how these lessons apply to you. 1.  Don't Lose Sight of what Matters "Our strategy was to do more of what worked in the … [Read more...]

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