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Pandora: Internet Radio Growth coming from AM/FM

So says Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy in this opening session highlight from the recent Worldwide Radio Summit, moderated by Triton's Mike Agovino.Joe also shares some stats on reduced TSL for radio and matches that against the growth for Internet Radio.  These are stats that are not often publicized in the radio industry.Let's be frank:  Of course some Internet radio growth will come from radio. Maybe most of it will come from radio.  And it will not stop people from listening to the radio.  Rather, it will shave away quarter-hours from radio, just as every other entertainment distraction … [Read more...]


Surprise! Advertisers want Results and Tracking!

That's the lesson from the vivid interview just posted by Radio Ink with a New Jersey car dealer.Much credit goes to Radio Ink for this post, because I have no doubt that they will receive oodles of complaint emails from broadcasters who presume that the secrets of accountability can be kept from their clients in a digital world.Well, they can't.From Radio Ink: William Feinstein is the President of Planet Honda in New Jersey. He was so impressed with the results and the trackability of his campaign with Pandora that he signed on for a year.Yesterday Feinstein pulled up his … [Read more...]


Are you in the Content Marketing Business?

Gary Vaynerchuk is the well-known digital entrepreneur and dynamo who parlayed a daily online video show into a publishing, speaking, and consulting empire, helping brands (i.e., your clients) more effectively connect with their customers (i.e., your listeners). In this video, Gary talks content.Not the kind of content we make to be surrounded by ads, but the kind of content we co-create with our brand clients that is, in Gary’s words, “valuable to the end-user around the genre that brand is playing in.”Content can be a commodity, says Gary, so what you create has to be really great … [Read more...]


Can Your AM Station Earn 20X More Than Average?

Barry Leffler says you can. Barry is CEO of WCHL in Chapel Hill, NC, and, WCHL's community-oriented site which is exploding in revenue and earning WCHL roughly twenty-times what a typical AM station might earn in digital as a percentage of total revenue.How does Barry do it? And how can you? Those are the questions we cover in this important conversation.Watch:[iframe 500 281]Prefer audio?  Try this:Download mp3(You can subscribe to all the MRM video and audio via iTunes and get … [Read more...]


The New Face(book) of Advertising

Changes are coming to the capabilities of advertising on Facebook.From Fast Company: First, Facebook is making the new ads social by default, meaning they will automatically show users when their friends have already Liked the advertiser. And the new formats will draw their content exclusively from posts to brands' Facebook Pages, rather from advertising copy written independently.Combined, these features make two statements about where Facebook believes the future of online advertising lies--at least in its particular universe. It is saying that ads based on content, rather than … [Read more...]


Don’t Simulcast your On-Air and Online Radio Spots

Talk to many broadcasters and you'll hear a common refrain:  We wish we could simulcast our on-air spots with our online ones and bundle those impressions in one Arbitron number. Well, be careful what you wish for.AFTRA rules get in the way of simulcasting these spots on-air and online in the US, but in the UK there is no such restriction and broadcasters are free to simulcast spots or split them as they wish.  Historically, most have simulcasted. But now that is beginning to change.Clive Dickens has this piece of advice for any US broadcaster hoping to lump these spots … [Read more...]


Arbitron’s Small Sample Problem – it’s Worse than you Think

It's not news that Arbitron has a problem with small samples in PPM markets. Every broadcaster in these markets has bumped into this problem at one time or another, usually with either delightful or devastating ratings consequences. Let's look at this problem from a different perspective:Forget ratings and consider cancer rates in the US.  Did you know that the lowest cancer rates occur in the the least populated communities? Aha, obviously it's the quality of life in these sparse communities that contributes to their greater health, right?Now what if I were to tell you that the … [Read more...]


Worry Less about Technology – More about Content

The title of the piece in USA Today says it all:  "YouTube spends $100 million to redefine TV." Beginning this month, YouTube is gambling $100 million that by seeding professional production firms such as Young Hollywood — whose slate of YouTube-only programming premieres Monday — it will draw more eyeballs for longer viewing sessions. YouTube is a massive distribution channel, but not a creator of content.  So what to do?  How about invest in content creation!  And so they are.  And name brand content-creators are falling all over themselves to get a shot at the YouTube distribution … [Read more...]

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