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Radio: Pretend your Customers are Fans, not Advertisers

So I’m talking to a digital solutions provider who has created a platform featuring new value for consumers as part of a radio station’s online brand. Right in the middle of his on-screen experience, surrounded by the new stuff he created for his radio client, is that particular station’s Facebook feed. “Why is that there?” I asked, since it has nothing to do with the value proposition of the content around it. “The station wanted it there,” he replied. “Why?” I asked. “Because they wanted to be able to promote their Facebook posts to their audience – and do it with the comments … [Read more...]


What Radio can learn from ABC TV

A few days ago ABC announced that they would begin live streaming content in two major markets with more to follow on a new app called WatchABC. NPR reports: ABC and other networks have long allowed you to watch their prime-time shows online after they air on TV, but ABC is the first broadcast over-the-air network to let you watch their live feed — including local news, daytime talk shows and prime-time dramas. Over the next few months, it will expand to cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. Eventually, ABC expects most of its affiliates will be onboard. Is it the … [Read more...]


Your PPM Strategy is Wrong: Word-of-Mouth Still Matters

It is almost impossible to count the ways in which playing to Arbitron's PPM measurement methodology may provide short term gains for radio ratings, but very much at the expense of the health of radio brands long-term. And here's yet another one. It is accepted wisdom that, since PPM supposedly measures behaviors rather than recall of behaviors, then so-called top-of-mind recall is irrelevant. After all, why remind folks that you're there when they no longer need to remember what they listened to? Here's one reason why. Because top-of-mind leads directly to word-of-mouth, and … [Read more...]


“Passion is the Great Persuader” – Q&A with Tom Asacker, Part 2

This is Part 2 of my special conversation with branding guru and author Tom Asacker. If you missed Part 1 go here. Tom and I talk about his new book, The Business of Belief: How the World's Best Marketers, Designers, Salespeople, Coaches, Fundraisers, Educators, Entrepreneurs and Other Leaders Get Us to Believe. Watch the complete Q&A here, or skip to Part 2 of the abbreviated transcript below. If consumer desire precedes interest, how does the marketer effectively tap in to those desires? Well you can only move people slowly. You start with what peoples’ beliefs and desires … [Read more...]


“You Can’t Create Desire through Advertising” – Q&A with Tom Asacker, Part 1

Tom Asacker is an advisor to major brands like Procter & Gamble, UPS, and G.E. and the author of many thoughtful and incisive books on branding and marketing. He is one of the brightest minds in any business, and his latest book is his best yet: The Business of Belief: How the World's Best Marketers, Designers, Salespeople, Coaches, Fundraisers, Educators, Entrepreneurs and Other Leaders Get Us to Believe. Watch the complete Q&A or skip to Part 1 of the abbreviated transcript below. Part 2 will post tomorrow. [iframe … [Read more...]


Simulcasting Radio Spots Online? Open your Checkbook

So which is the better strategy to monetize online radio? Featuring targeted spots built for the context and platform of online radio and the consumers who expect something relevant there? Or simulcasting the same spots you run on-air online? Well we can argue about which is better from a strategic standpoint (I certainly have made my opinion known), but we can no longer argue that there aren't extra, unanticipated costs to simulcasting. Contrary to the wishful thinking among some broadcasters, it is not free to move spots over from on-air to online. And not only is there a cost, but … [Read more...]


The Game-Changing Revenue Opportunities for Online Radio

Mike Agovino is COO of Triton Digital, the company at the leading edge of audio's digital transformation and monetization. The digital audio space is changing fast, as is its relationship to advertisers. And nobody is closer to the action than Triton. So what’s new? And what does that mean for broadcasters in particular? This is the first of a two-part conversation.  Today, we focus on what's new in the digital audio monetization space and what that means for broadcasters in particular.  Tomorrow, we focus on the wisdom (or lack thereof) of simulcasting ads between over-the-air and online … [Read more...]


Check Out the Reach for Streaming Radio

When we talk about online radio, it's easy to view that as a trivial component in the average station's strategy because, for any given station, the number of folks listening to that station's stream is, while growing, comparatively small. But that's viewing the world through the broadcaster's microscope.  What does it look like through the consumer's telescope? Note, for example, this chart.  It summarizes streaming data for radio, TV, and movies: According to this source, radio's streams (yes, including Pandora et. al.) reach 40% of 18-24's, a third of 25-34's, and one out of … [Read more...]

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