Radio: Your Facebook Page is Un-Liking You


This is directly from Facebook:

We expect organic distribution of an individual page’s posts to gradually decline over time as we continually work to make sure people have a meaningful experience on the site.

In other words, all that effort you go to to populate your Facebook page with useful content is increasingly wasted. Even Facebook acknowledges your distribution to the very folks who raise their hands to “like” your page will increasingly thin over time despite their willingness to receive that content in their feeds.

Why? Because Facebook wants you to pay for distribution of course.

By “meaningful experience” they mean some definition other than yours and that of your fans.

As social media consultant Derek Halpern points out, while it may indeed make sense to pay to boost distribution for pitchy posts, it doesn’t necessarily pay to boost all the other posts – the ones that make liking your page worthwhile in the first place. That means what your fans will be left with are pitches only – in the unlikely event you pay to boost any of your content.

And if you don’t boost, look for the 20% of your fans who receive any given post to continue to drop and drop and drop.

Yes, I know that better Facebook posts can help beat this trend, but vaulting over a raised bar can’t be the only answer because some brands and brand managers just aren’t bar-vaulters.

Derek’s fix to this is something I have been talking about for a long time, too: “If you’re not building an email list, you’re an idiot,” he says.

Um, yes.

No, not a contest entrant list – and for God’s sake don’t call it a “database.” I’m talking about a list to communicate via email directly with people who are fans of your brand. That’s something you control. You will no longer be victimized by the algorithmic and P&L whims of Facebook and their like.

How is it that radio brands can go so over-the-top for Facebook when they neglect an asset that is under their own control and ideally subject to higher open rates?

How many fans are on your email list?

And what’s your strategy to leverage those relationships?

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  • Jon Latzer

    FB, like any other social media conversation is a tactic. “Liking” a company page or a product doesn’t mean “loving” it to the point of socializing it effectively. How many brands achieve that level? Push notifications of meaningful content is likely a more effective tactic.

  • Mark Ramsey

    And by that you mean email?

    Thanks Jon.

  • Jon Latzer

    Email is one form sure. They come in a variety of ways.
    Good post Mark. Keep agitating. It’s the only way things change.

  • Robin S

    I was the one who told fb that liking something was not being a FAN when I first got on in 2009. They changed to Liking less than a month later. This is 100% true. Yet for all my captured documentation online, I did not keep anything from the page that I used to get that point across. It did, however feature an avatar of a solid gold coin featuring a topless female embossing with a 45rpm record hanging from each nipple. And her slogan was: Like my 45′s? I did have one fan before I shut it down a month later. Still have her as a fbf. Maybe she can collaborate my story if I ever need too. L0L.

  • Mark Ramsey

    Or…maybe not!

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  • Robin S

    Thanks for publishing. This is the kind of documentation I have no problem defending. I really wouldn’t put this out there in the world for everyone to point to forever if I didn’t truly believe that there was a definite possibility of it being true. It was just to close to me signing up and because of my background…I’m no slouch when it comes to inventing a national distribution network. I would also leave suggestions for Google via the help function on You Tube regarding how I needed the videos to start and stop and other hints so that I could segue music vids on fb. YT did change something 2 weeks after I asked for it! When fb changed to the tiles style, rather than a scrolling chat roll, it ruined my ability to have the viewer make their own music segues. Innovation is not ignored on these services that watch people for info and ideas, Mark. That was for a music page called Woodstock Nation (still there, just unpublished at the moment)

  • Robin S

    Maybe Jon meant the notification function on face book. If you don’t enable that, you can like a brand there but will never know about a new post if you don’t enable notifications. You know that whole chat roll system is not physically scaleable. The more FBFs you have the less you could possibly ever see stuff float down your newsfeed. Thus the pay per view scheme they have now. fb will make sure you see the sponsored ad to the exclusion of your other chosen preferences. FB was funded by the CIA for spying purposes. We spoke to the same guys, the Venture Capital arm for the CIA about the same time. That’s open knowledge.