Thousands of Radio Stations – Now on the iPhone

RadioTime.com and the folks at Weather Underground have a great new iPhone app that has probably already brought your radio station to the iPhone without you lifting a finger.

Here's a screen shot of the new app, which costs $5.99 and is getting strong positive ratings from the iPhone crowd.


Let's see…do I want to download the app from AOL Radio that has only the CBS stations (along with lots of generic all-music ones) or the app that has EVERY radio station? Hmmm.

Listen to my conversation with RadioTime CEO Bill Moore about this new tool, what it means for radio, and where it goes from here.

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  • Greg

    Doesn’t this counter your original point that listeners don’t want a zillion channels of anything, such as Satrad and HD Radio? With Pandora’s free app on the iPhone (3rd most popular downloaded app), problem solved, if you are just talking about listening to music.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/mramsey1/ Mark Ramsey

    This isn’t about having a zillion options. It’s about having ACCESS to exactly the brands or shows you want, whenever and wherever you want them.
    It is the opening of a distribution channel to your choice set which has been closed.

  • http://www.nobudgettv.com C.J. the D.J.

    Thanks for this post! I went to radio time’s site and noticed our station was listed, but they didn’t have the stream up for some reason. So I sent them a quick message with the URL and they had it up within a few hours! Nicely done Radio Time!
    I’ll have to let the boss know he can stream our station on the iPhone now!
    Lata, C.J.
    Rock 104-9

  • http://www.Zradio.com Jeff Cruz – Z88.3 Orlando

    For those looking for this on iTunes, it is called
    do not search for RadioTime or Radio… it will not pull it up (go figure)
    here is a direct link:

  • http://www.mediafuturist.com/2008/10/hear-20-thousan.html MediaFuturist

    RadioTime Wunderground: Thousands of Radio Stations – new Phone App (via Hear 2.0)

    Mark Ramsay’s blog points to a new app for the iphone, offered by Radiotime, and Weather Underground: Hear 2.0: Thousands of Radio Stations – Now on the iPhone. So we are finally getting there: via the iPhone, Internet radio is arriving in the CAR. Wha…

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